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SHINE YOUR EYES! How To Identify Fake Naira Notes

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Here are 5 simple ways to differentiate a real naira note from a fake naira note.

Check the texture

You should know that if the texture of the note is very soft and the image looks so dull you should quickly reject it and return it to the person who gave it to you.

Use water

If you are not too sure of the note given to you, the easiest way is for you to quickly wet your hand with water then use that same hand to fold the money or scrub it gently, if fake the colour will start washing off before your very own eyes.

If that didn’t work fast for you, you can immerse the money in water for 30 seconds. Make sure it becomes very wet and looks rough. You will notice the colour will start washing off but the original currency will never wash.

Check the gold foil

The N1000 note has a gold foil on the right side beside the CBN governor’s signature. You should have it in mind that if you peel the foil of a fake note it will peel.

So if the above number two option is too hard for you and you are holding a N1, 000 note, you should try to peel off the foil. If it does peel, that means it is fake.

Check the ribbon/thread carefully

 There is a thread, which looks like a ribbon on all naira notes running from the top to the bottom except N50 note that doesn’t have it.

In real notes, this thread can be felt and looks very thick. It is more noticeable on old naira notes. But in fake notes, you will see same thread without being thick and quality like that of the real notes.

If you scratch the painting, it will peel off like that of the solver panel on recharge cards.

Use mercury bulbs

Some features of the naira notes cannot be seen with naked eyes.  These features are only in original naira notes and one cannot see them except with the help of mercury bulbs.

If a real N1000 note is placed under the rays from a mercury bulb, it’ll show a glowing 1,000 in numbers written across the note. But when you place the fake note everything about it will be upside down.

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