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5 Types Of Men Every Woman Should Stay Away From

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Any serious woman who knows her worth is very particular about the kind of man she dates. She is not an anything-goes kind of woman and she doesn't settle for less.

Most importantly, she values her peace of mind above everything, which is why she stays away from these 5 types of men...

1. The Commitment Hater

You might mistake him for Mr. Right because he does everything right. He takes you on a date, cooks for you, gives you good sex and makes you feel like you are in an ideal relationship. 

But sadly, it is all for a show because he certainly isn't committed to the relationship and doesn't want anything long-term or serious.

2. The Gas Lighter

He knows what you need from him, but he is not going to give it to you. And worse, he intentionally forgets his part of an arrangement.

He forgets your birthday, anniversary and isn't supportive of you emotionally or otherwise. When you catch him cheating, he calls you crazy and makes you feel like you have a problem.

3. The On And Off Aka Nepa Light

He disappears like Houdini and leaves you all on your own for weeks, even months. But once you begin to lose interest in him and is ready to move on with your life, he reappears like a ghost.

With him, you never know if you are having a relationship, a fling or friends with benefit. He also scares other serious guys away and has a  way of keeping you interested even when you are over him.

4. The Not Good Enough

He is okay, but he is just meh! He doesn't fit your description of the perfect guy and you know he will be good enough for some other girl, but not just you.

5. The Porter

This guy has a lot of baggage, and he just keeps taking on new ones. He has exes who are still present in his life and possibly baby mamas too.

The problem with him is that he entertains all his side pieces and barely focuses on you.

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