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Obinna Oriaku,The Ekwedike Ekwuola Tittle And Symbolic Endorsement Of Royalty

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Before the balkanization of Igbo traditional titles it used to be prestigious to be conferred with a traditional title in Igbo land, moreso when it is not bought or lobbied for, but occasioned by ones selfless services to her people. 

That was why recently when His Eminence Eze Eberechi Dick gathered who is who in Abia state to conferr the Ekwedike Ekwuola of Ngwa land title to Hon. Obinna Oriaku it was heralded with unprecedented encomium and awe. Awesome because the title, in itself, speaks volumes of the potentials the Obinna Oriaku brand exudes. 

Obinna came into limelight when Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in 2015 appointed him first his adviser on Economic matters and later the Honorable commissioner in charge of Finance. Considered then as one of the powerful commissioners in Ikpeazu's cabinet, Obinna brought so many innovations to bear in the government that those who benefitted from the existing malady became uncomfortable with him and consequently conspired his removal. The rest is history

Oriaku has moved on as a key member of the opposition party but his in-depth financial knowledge and analytic astuteness has become a nightmare to the ruling party . Infact, three years after leaving government Obinna has remained in the news for the right reasons. It is widely speculated that he is a key think tank of the rulling APC and it is understandable because of his sagacious display of intelligence and professionalism especially with his firm grip of the problems and solutions of Abia state. 

Coming back to the title Ekwedike Ekwuola of Ngwa land .Ekwe Dike is only beaten to announce unique and important events and it's only the High and mighty men answer in the traditional society . It sounds prophetic and more like a foreshadow of what the revered traditional ruler has seen that the ordinary eyes cannot see.The name literally means that the gong has announced the appearance of a great man.What that means is  left for the future .

But it is instructive that Obinna didn't lobby nor bribe for the title as he does not have that close relationship with His Eminence, more so when he is no longer in government. Infact he has rejected many offers to be conferred with  Chieftaincy titles in the past but because of the peculiar nature of the title  and the pedigree of the traditional ruler who was once the chairman of Abia state council of traditional rulers, Chancellor of a federal University and currently chairman of the south east council of traditional rulers, the offer became irresistible as he is not among those traditional rulers that reel in the dark.

Giving the growing image and mass appeal of Honorable Obinna Oriaku especially since the Paris refund saga and some political permutations making the rounds, serious minded political players and pundits should be restless untill they uncover the ominous implications of this mysterious gong( Ekwe Dike Ekwuola la Ala Ngwa ) that has announced the appearance of a certainly big masquerade. While we all await what this great masquerade depicts let's keep encouraging the bravity of Hon. Obinna Oriaku and his tenacity and doggedness to ensure that good governance prevails in Abia state.

Writer: Anyanwu Princewill

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