’Be Involved In Who Becomes Your Leader, Get Your PVCs’’ – Governor Yahaya Bello Urges Students - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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’Be Involved In Who Becomes Your Leader, Get Your PVCs’’ – Governor Yahaya Bello Urges Students

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The Governor Of Kogi state, Alh. Yahaya Bello has urged Nigerian students to get involved in politics during the Nigerian Medical Students Association (NiMSA) International Health Summit 2021 themed ‘Non-communicable disease in the covid-19 era; Cancer as a case study’ held in Abuja on Saturday, 9th of October 2021.

The event had dignitaries that include the governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello ably represented by Honourable Ahmadu Jubril the special adviser to the governor on Youths and Student Affairs, former senate president, Olubukola Saraki, first lady of Kebbi state, Mrs Zainab Atiku Bagudu, proprietor of Baze Univesity, Dr Baba Ahmed, among a host of many others.

Governor Yahaya Bello during his speech explained the importance of a vibrant health sector in any state, making it known that it is one of the most important thing for any country to function well.

He noted that in Nigeria today, the state with the best health system is Kogi state, mentioning the fact that the state has improved in infrastructure, man power and is the highest paying state for medical doctors in Nigeria at the moment.

‘’For any country to function, it is important to set up some things which are very key, they are health, education and security. These are part of the basis we are gathering here today to identify how we can improve the quality of our lives through the quality of medical service our people enjoy. Most times I ask myself why up till date people still pay a lot to access health care in Nigeria.

‘’It is important in this country that we alleviate the lives of poor people but my                Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has all the time identified with the ways we can improve on the health sector by improving man power, infrastructure, and making Kogi state the highest paying state for medical doctors in nigeria’’

‘’My governor out of his love for health care has established three reference hospitals cutting across the three senatorial district we have in Kogi state. Do I have to mention the various general hospitals we have? Or the insurance policy we run as a state that enables civil servants to enjoy medical facilities, these are part of the things we enjoy in Kogi state’’

He lauded NiMSA for thinking out of the box by developing a policy document but urged them to push further by advancing the policy into the national assembly to pass so it can be made a law in Nigeria.

Also, he stressed the importance of them getting involved in governance, support someone who has identified with the medical space to take over the leadership of the country for a smooth passage of the policy document into a law in Nigeria.

‘’I was impressed when I saw that NIMSA developed a policy document. If as students today, you are able to think outside the box to develop a policy document, I want to encourage you the students today to take two more steps. The first is you have developed a policy, the next is follow the policy by advancing it into the bill for national assembly to pass and most importantly is for you to get involved in the process of governance. I’m happy that we have medical doctors that are in politics, we as youths need to get involved in the process of governance in our country, it is only then we can make a change, it is only then we can ensure our polices are brought into law and whosoever is in power accents it and makes it a law in Nigeria, that is solving problem’’

‘’I want to encourage students here today to get Involved, have your PVC, Be involved in who becomes your leader. If you have a medical doctor contesting and you have someone who doesn’t know so much about health, because you have the power of PVC, It is easier now to take your policy documents to the medical doctor and say you want him to pass it.’’

Continuing, He spoke on the plans to ensure that Governor Yahaya Bello answers the many calls for him to run for the presidential seat in 2023, stating that he has identified with the medical sector and was able to manage Covid-19 pandemic miraculously and has done very laudable projects for the health sector in Kogi.

‘’If we have a young person like us, of course there are clamours for my governor, Yahaya Bello to run though he has not said yes but we will keep on calling on him to say yes because he has identified with the medical space. If as a governor he has been able to manage Covid-19 pandemic in a miraculous way that today, we didn’t die as supposed in Kogi state, he has been able to establish three ultramodern reference hospitals, he is working on establishing the largest diagnostic centre in Nigeria and west Africa, he has improved and increased the salaries of medical doctors in the state, how much more if he answers the clarion call to lead Nigeria. Nigeria will always go astray if the good men fail to do something, the time is now for youths and students of Nigeria to rise and take over the leadership of the country to take us to the promise land.’’

Furthermore, Governor Yahaya Bello was honoured by the students body with the distinguished leadership award which was presented by the President of the Nigerian Medical Association, Prof. Innocent Achanya Otobo. Ujah FNMA,  mni

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