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Majek Fashek Blasts Soundcity For Rejecting His Music Videos

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Majek Fashek has come after Soundcity boss Tajudeen Adepetu for not playing his music videos even after he personally paid a visit to their office in Lagos. 

In a video on Instagram, his manager Omenka Uzoma expresses his anger and frustration at the music station for not playing the videos. 

Read the caption for his rant below:

"It's a BIG shame that Soundcity and their boss Tajudeen Adepetu have chosen to ignore good music from a LEGEND like MAjek Fashek. . The video AKUGBE by Majek Fashek short in Atlanta Georgia and HEY RASTAMAN was short in Canary Warlf in England

All on YouTube to see if it’s not quality enough. How dare you say Majek Fashek's music video is not 'quality' enough to be played on Soundcity? Yet you play all these "Yahoo Yahoo' videos with naked girl and stuff? Where is the place for history and honouring our legends? Shame on YOU!!! "

Neither Tajudeen nor Soundcity have issued a statement regarding this. 

Watch the music videos and tell us if you think the videos are good enough to be on Soundcity.

Majek Fashek - Rastaman

Majek Fashek - Akugbe 

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