Land Tussle: Young Man Escapes Abduction by thugs over Father's Property - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Land Tussle: Young Man Escapes Abduction by thugs over Father's Property

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A young man identified as Sanusi Olumide Michael has escaped abduction by land grabbers over his late father's property in Obafemi—Owode local government of Ogun state. 

Sanusi Olumide Michael was said to be an eldest son to Late Chief Sanusi Mutiu who died in 2010 in a ghastly motor accident. 

According to our source, Sanusi Olumide Michael was invited by the head of the family to append his signature on the property document of his late father so as to be sold easily. 

Unknowingly that the head of the family, Chief Sanusi Kazeem has arranged land grabbers and thugs to abduct Sanusi Olumide Michael if he refused to sign the property document. 

The land grabbers visited his house after he eloped from the scene of the incident thinking Sanusi Olumide Michael will head home but his absence was met during the visitation.

As at the time of filing our report, Sanusi Olumide Michael's whereabouts is still unknown to anyone while his family has placed a missing person poster after reporting the incident to the nearby police station.


  1. That is just bad people. Why will anyone be so cruel and heartless and want to own another person’s property’s? This country just keep getting worse. May God protect this person wherever he is. Nigeria is just very messy and I am sure there won’t be a hundred percent security for this person. Bad nation with bad people.

  2. Related event happened to my cousin, they later killed this guy and claimed everything. Even the police failed to protect or even arrest these criminals. I hope this person finds a safe place to stay.