Adebayo Vows To Recover Buhari’s Alleged Stolen Oil Money If Elected President - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Adebayo Vows To Recover Buhari’s Alleged Stolen Oil Money If Elected President

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Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo has expressed commitment in recovering all Crude Oil funds allegedly stolen by the president Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) federal government when elected president in 2023.

The presidential candidate, who disclosed this while addressing party leaders in Oginibo, Ughelli south local government area of Delta State during an interactive session, said corrupt officials and fraudsters in Nigeria would not be spared as culprits would be severely punished to serve as deterrence to others.

He alleged that the government is working with International Oil Companies (IOCs) to loot the common patrimony of Nigerians who by birth, are born into millions and affluence.

He exonerated people from the Niger Delta region, whom the Buhari administration has accused of stealing the oil, saying official of Buhari government are collaborating with international criminals to milk the country.

He said his administration was committed to reforming all the sectors of the economy and would do all in its power in creating 30 million jobs for the unemployed youth across the country.

The international lawyer, reiterated this position when he appeared live on Plus Africa TV, on a live interview in their Plus Politics Programme recently.

Hear him: “As soon as we come in, you will know how much money you have, where is it, what has been taken and who took. You will know all of that. I know more about what is happening in government more than Buhari who is there now.

“If president Buhari knows what I know, he will run out of the Villa and run to the police station and go and report himself. We know what is happening there. All these that are happening about Oil Companies in the high sea, I started talking about it five months ago.

“And people in government said how can he be saying this? It because they don’t know. We know the quantity of Crude oil that they are stealing. This is not about militants because the ship they are using to steal, is as big as this compound, no militant has that kind of ship.

“And where they are taking it to, I know the place, it is in Europe. And I talk to them there and there are no militants there and the account in which they are paying the money, is not a militant account.

“It is essentially your government that is stealing your money because before, they use to steal the money through NNPC but since my friend Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, started making noise that over $20 billion was not remitted, they started hiding, selling the crude on the sea without putting the money in NNPC.

“So, there are people in Buhari’s government who are richer than Delta State, one person. What they want to do with the money, I don’t know.

“But when we come to government, you will know where you money is. Just as they are recovering Abacha’s money now, that is how we will be recovering Buhari’s money when we come there. We will say we are recovering Buhari’s oil money”, he announced.

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