'Mad Dog': Nwaoboshi Replies PDP, Says Party's Statement Over His Defection To APC, A Most Fallacious, Misleading, Uncouth Diatribe From Hell - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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'Mad Dog': Nwaoboshi Replies PDP, Says Party's Statement Over His Defection To APC, A Most Fallacious, Misleading, Uncouth Diatribe From Hell

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By Daniel Dafe, Abraka

Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, SPON, representing Delta North Senatorial District, and Chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta affairs, has reacted to a press release signed by the Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary, Dr Ifeanyi Osuoza over his defection to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

In a statement signed by 
Mr. Philip Elueme, Legislative Aide to the lawmaker, Nwaoboshi said "the press release, to say the least is most uncharitable, fallacious, very uncouth, and a most  vexatious diatribe that can only emanate from the nether region indicative of a demented vagabond, scallywag and scoundrel for only such can refer to a Most Distinguished sitting Senator as a 'Mad Dog' with many corruption cases for simply speaking truth to power."

Adding: "SPON asserts authoritatively that these are very fallacious lies, and such diatribe can only emanate from a reprobate mind in the pit of hell."

Continuing, Nwaoboshi said "there is no criminal corruption charge in any court hanging over his head."

"Secondly, where and when has it become the norm to react to one who is calling attention to issues of misgovernance and maladministration of the nepotistic Gov. Okowa led administration with insults and  uncharitable name calling rather than respond to the issues being alluded to?

"To set the records straight, SPON posits emphatically that there is no criminal corruption case subsisisting against him. The only criminal case which they instigated from their stable was the money laundering case which he won recently at a Lagos high court. 

"SPON hereby challenges the Delta PDP to furnish the world with any information linking him with any criminal corruption charge in any court as the Party fraudulently reported," he said.

According to the statement, "the petition which led to his tortuous and most agonizingly stressful travails through the EFCC via the court case against him in a federal high court, which he won recently, was cooked up, orchestrated, supervised and formented from the stable of the Principal Secretary to the Governor of Delta State, in Government House, Asaba."

He continued: "The so called 'Anioma Agenda' beneficiary of Delta North's turn at the Delta State Governorship who he toiled with other leaders to make a reality through the instrumentality of the fabled Equity activist political movement is at the centre of it all!

"The best way to honour and pay him back for his services was for the Government House to turn into a 'Judas Iscariot traducers conclave of petition writers' against his Anioma brother and benefactor, SPON!

"Now having failed woefully to send him to jail, Government House, Asaba through her teleguided, mischievous and misinformed State PDP Publicity Secretary has adopted the infamous strategy of Hitlers Goebells by propagating outright lies to instill false consciousness into the public domain over non existing criminal corruption charges in any court of law.

"Maybe they are unwittingly informing the world that they are cooking up another one as part of their desperate schemes."

Furthermore, he said that "having been unable to explain to the Delta public the many issues of maladministration and one sided policy thrust of the Gov. Okowa led administration, they now resorted to name calling and insults against SPON. The reality is simply pointing to a failed Government facing accute diminishing returns in her public perception index!"

"While SPON celebrates his victory in court through the intervention of God Almighty vindicating him and declaring him innocent of all charges, it is instructive to note that the sterling records of his services to the PDP, etc, and his outstanding representation of his beloved Delta North District at the Senate are there for every one to see.

"As a Statesman with foresight, vision, passion and commitment, backed by his prolific readings of the undercurrents of the very dynamic, and unfolding National politics, and in order  to effectively project and protect the medium and  long term political interest of his people, backed with history, SPON is committed to taking his beloved people back into the mainstream of National Politics, a feat his predecessors accomplished and nothing whatsoever will deter him!

"Finally, it becomes petinent to reassert, briefly SPON's very distinguished and incontestable  contributions to PDP.
"SPON was the states pioneer founding Party Secretary. The Party's first office at the State capital, Asaba was hosted by SPON, in his legal chambers from where the Ibori led government was elected; SPON defended the Delta State structure of PDP severally against the 'political ambush' from others so much that under his instrinstructive eight years tenureship as State Chairman PDP, this structure became the vehicle through which Governor Okowa and many others were elected into office; SPON hosted a meeting of Delta North political stakeholders after Governor Okowa 'cried to him desperately with other Anioma leaders of thought, etc, to assist him secure the 2015 gubernatorial ticket, a feat SPON and others accomplished; SPON in 2015 strengthened the PDP with the emergence of Dr Saraki as Senate President, securing in the process the Senate Committee Chairmanship of the Niger Delta, a Committee he used successfully to attract several projects to Delta North and beyond; currently Spon initiated a bill that has passed second reading, awaiting public hearing next Tuesday the 29th of June, 2021 for the establishment of a Federal University of Agriculture and Technology to be sited in Aboh community, a very rich oil producing area in Ndokwa that has been yearning for a Higher institution for decades. 

"If by joining forces with a progressive Federal Government willing to deliver this project and many others to his people of Delta North, he will be insulted by the same Party under a clannish governor that has failed to respond timely and adequately to the yearnings of his people; SPON will be very happy, because bottom line, his people of Delta North would have been given their heart desire by his joining the mainstream of National politics through Spins effective representation and strategic alliance with the progressive family, as opposed to a supposedly pretentious, scheming pseudo Anioma brother, covertly and satanically using his official position to play politics of nepotism, as a Judas Iscariot back stabbing petitioner par excellence!," the statement added.

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