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God First Ministries Inc, illumination Assembly on Sunday 14th February 2021 was full to the brim with thousands of personalities gathered to celebrate the birthday of Archbishop Designate Isaac Idahosa at 56 and his mother, Mama Christiana Idahosa at 90. It was called "An Evening Of Gratitude".

The atmosphere was conducive and electrified as the congregation was thrilled to melodious tunes and rooftop electrifying praise sessions led by renonuned Gospel Singers Mike Abdul and Ada Ehi.
Goodwill messages poured in from guests who from their years of cordial relationship with the celebrant had remarks about his distinguished personality.

According to Bishop Stephen T. V. Adegbite, chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Lagos State, the Director for national issue and social welfare CAN Nigeria extended his  goodwill who described the celebrant as his long time and also brother from another mother, he remarked that Bishop Idahosa genuinely fears God and teaches balanced theology.

He further said in his words “Bishop Idahosa is a kind hearted personality. He is somebody that genuinely fears God. He is a teacher of the word and preaches balanced theology. A true giver who is never tired of showing love to the less privileged. That is what we know him for".
 “As we celebrate him today, we also celebrate the vessel through which our beloved Bishop came into the world. As we celebrate mama’s 90th birthday today, I pray mama will be 100, he prophecy.

“I pray the Lord upholds him, it shall be well with his ministry, it shall be well with mama and also our nation Nigeria.

Apostle Psalm Okpe, popularly Known as the flying bishop gave a brief remarked describes Bishop Isaac Idahosa who is his bossom friend, a bother. A man of spiritual entity, a true man of God who is respected across the globe, taking the word of God to nooks and corners of the earth.

Dr Anthoni Okoh among the special guest expressed his gratitude to Bishop Isaac Idahosa on his birthday. He described him as a man of excellence. A giver and a philanthropist.

To Gospel Music Maestro Mike Abdul, who was celebrated with the cutting of a cake in his honor 44th birthday at the occasion, he described Bishop Idahosa as someone he had ardently followed through the years, and whose teachings have had impact on him personally.
“One of his lines I never forget is Revelations 12 vs 12, where he talks about God beckoning on us to come to his level, because we were made in his image and likeness. He teaches scriptures for the common man to understand. Amazing man I must say, he is someone I loved from a distance,and even coming close I loved him even more. I have expressed myself to him. I respect the grace of God over his life and ministry,” he closed.

Popular gospel Singer, Ada Ehi who was guest at the event described Bishop Idahosa as a humble person who preaches Gods word with so much boldness.

“He is very humble, that is one thing I perceive. He is a very happy person too. And he is very passionate about the gospel, and that is very remarkable.

“I celebrate him greatly for being a light for others to see through. For being a voice for the gospel. I pray the hand of God will continue to rest upon him greatly,” Ehi wishe

Among other guest were Bishop Praise Machine, Bishop Dr Theophilus Ajose, Pastor Mojisola Okonkwo, among others.

In his usual philanthropic fashion, Bishop Idahosa took the occasion of the event to extend love to widows whom he gave money gifts.

As Bishop Idahosa Celebrate Birthday in Style some of members of the ministry and participants expresses their heartfelt gratitude to the Bishop.

Mrs. Agnes Iroha said; “I wish Bishop Idahosa happy birthday, and I pray God will continue to use him more and more. I am so happy for this gift. It is really a answered prayer for me and my children.”

Mrs. Dupe said; “No amount of thank you can say how I feel today. Bishop Idahosa has brought joy to me, and I pray he will continue to know joy. God will continue to use him. I wish him happy birthday day daddy.”

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