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Hundreds Of Motorcycle Riders Spotted Vacating Lagos State

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Like the saying 'nothing is permanent' only change is permanent. The good life most of the bike (Okada) riders enjoyed in Lagos State was cut short by the ban of all motorcycles (Okada), and tricycles movement in the city's major residential areas of Lagos State. As a result of this bike riders had to sort for another greener pasture.

Around 6:30 a.m this morning at the area of Ishagamu area of Ogun State. Hundreds of Hausa bike (Okada) riders was spotted leaving the premises of Lagos State before it is too late.

The ban which take effect from February 1, 2020, restrict all bike riders from plying some major areas of the state including express. As a result of this most of the riders is leaving the premises already.

Where this bikers will eventually settle down is yet unknown but one thing is for sure, all neighboring state of Lagos State will welcome a massive Okada riders.

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