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5 Health Menaces of Bleaching Creams

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A lot of persons have had their normal health altered with bleaching creams that are lethal to the skin. Bleaching creams are used by people eager to look good without knowing it causes more damages to the health and skin rather than good. So I did put together 5 health menaces of bleaching creams that will give you a little note on the damages.

Source: cnn.com


Depletion of Melanin

Melanin is a pigment produced in the melanocyte cell that is responsible for darkening of the skin and it also protects your skin from direct ultraviolet radiation. So people who use these bleaching creams are likely going to suffer the risk of cancer of the skin because UV rays can penetrate the skin if melanin is not present.


Exposure of the Skin to UV Rays

When your skin is exposed to UV rays you are likely going to experience early crinkling of the skin due to depleted melanin.

Source: thesheet.ng


<font face="Tahoma, sans-serif"><b>Rapid Ageing</b></font>

Buffs to bleaching creams look older than their peers many a times as the skin sheds its youthful glow and attractiveness, and starts crumpling because of direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.


Awful Colour Mix

When bleaching creams are applied in an inappropriate way, it will cause a bumpy and awful colour mix.

Source: itv.com


Dilution of the Skin Layer

Constant use of bleaching creams causes the skin layer to be diluted and when such happens, the skin loses its ability to hold stitches together i.e when there is a deep cut and stitching has to be done.


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