2023: Time to support Rt. Hon. Abiodun Akinlade is now | Opinions - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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2023: Time to support Rt. Hon. Abiodun Akinlade is now | Opinions

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The man, the bridge....

It is high time the propel of Yewa support the candidacy of APC, house of representatives candidate, Hon Abiodun Akinlade.

Abiodun Akinlade has paid his dues and should be rewarded at a time like this to achieve his aspiration to be the next member of house of representatives to actualize the “it’s payback time.”

Looking at the antecedent of Akinlade, apart from being a legislature he has moulded the youths across Yewa South and Nortb and beyond irrespective of political parties and religion with federal and state jobs to empower them, and make them useful for the society and their family at large.

Below are excerpt of his projects during and after his tenure as a member of house of Representatives, Green Chambers, Abuja.

Building on human capital, Hon Abiodun Akinlade has facilitated many skills and acquisition programs to rekindle their hope and make them realize their goals in life through handwork. 

He has being a bridge between Ogun state and Federal Government through his appointment in Federal Character Commission, which has been functioning wonderfully under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Abiodun Akinlade and his colleagues (Commissioners).

Supporting Akinlade in the forthcoming election is as well as supporting growth and development in Ogun West senatorial district, because it is visible to the blind that Akinlade's impact in making Yewa area of the state more economical and productive through his bills and and oversight functions during his tenure as the member, house of representatives.

Without any iota of doubt, we can define Akinlade as "Mr Project" after accessing his role in facilitating many projects in his constituency to make life more meaningful to his people, he is indeed selfless and visionary, he has human feelings alongside conscience. 

Irrespective of your political party, colour or race, you must support development of Ogun west through the representative, and accessing the leaders who are capable in the district, Rt Hon Abiodun Akinlade's name can not be over emphasised with his unquantified efforts in making his constituency first among the rest in Ogun state. 

He has maintained cordial relationship with the party loyalist and top players in All Progressives Congress, APC despite his years of leaving the house of representatives position, he is very ready to start from where he stopped in 2023, he needs to be supported to bring his constituency to the promise land.

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