Winners Chapel Pastor Quits Pastoral Job To Become A Native Doctor, Gives Reason - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Winners Chapel Pastor Quits Pastoral Job To Become A Native Doctor, Gives Reason

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A former pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Yinka Oyewusi, has revealed why he quit his pastoral work to become a ‘babalawo’.

According to Oyewusi, he got a visit from spiritual beings saying that he is destined to be a native doctor, and he should not run away from his calling.

However, he tried to pray it away but it was all no to avail, so he decided to visit a community where he is meant to get directions on how to embrace the traditional practice.

The ex-cleric was not so convinced about it until his family was subjected to a number of trials and none of his Christian brothers offered to help. Narrating his story via Facebook, Oyewusi said that the actions of Christians forced him to hand in his resignation and follow a new path.
In his words;

”Why I resigned From My Job As A Pastor In Winners Chapel And Became A Babalawo

In my formative years, we were three fiery brothers practising Christianity in Iwo town — two of us very poor, but with strange will to survive. After secondary education and with nothing to live for, first among us was a talented beggar. As the second guy, my mother is late, and my father’s whereabout was unknown. So, the first guy and I were living in one of the three houses I knew belonged to the father of the 3rd guy, but the father didn’t care about the 3rd guy, though. The first guy is a genius in gathering monies through request for “urgent 2k” — we lived on this for years.

Miraculously, I and the 3rd guy obtained degrees in science and administration respectively; the first guy obtained a degree in theology and became the chaplain of a university Chapel.

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