Reps Race 2023: Need To Do The Right By Voting Hon. Afolabi Afuape As Candidate Of All Progressives Congress, APC Abeokuta South Federal Constituency - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Reps Race 2023: Need To Do The Right By Voting Hon. Afolabi Afuape As Candidate Of All Progressives Congress, APC Abeokuta South Federal Constituency

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A Chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC Hon. Dayo Akintoye, a.k.a. D.1 has penned a letter to the constituents analysing the need to support the Hon Mafouf Afolabi Afuape as the candidate of the party in the forthcoming primary election. 

Below is excerpt of his letter;

Dear Elders of our Party, 


I am constrained to write this open letter on account of rumours being peddled around that some aspirants are brandishing wealth and arrogantly claiming you are glutons to the extent that you will lose your sense when the time comes to make your choice. Abeokuta South Federal Consistuency is a homogeneous group of purely Egba Alake People only spiced by the Ibara which formed part of ward 15 out of our fifteen wards. It has always been the capital of Ogun State as well as the headquarter of the Egba nation headed by the Alake of Egbaland. 

We have our culture and we are proud of our tradition. Make no mistake we choose rightly because we always set our standards and only those who make the standard are always chosen. Whenever this is done we joyfully sing Eleyi Omo wa, Eyi Omo wa to the admiration of all and sundry. The candidacy for the House of Representatives is for above the game of the boys and mediocre. It should be for men who know what it takes to lead and willing to offer quality leadership. It seriously, it is beyond rhetorics and mere desires to impress their little unknown clout.     
To set the record straight, I am a pure Egba man, a committed party stakeholder in the APC who had served in positions of trust including being a councillor in elective capacity. I have the royal blood of Alake in me and I know what is best for our people.

Among those contesting, Hon Afolabi Afuape is unequivocally the best suited for the task based on his meeting the basic required criteria ahead of the contestants.He meets the requirement of growing within the people. He attended schools here in Abeokuta and by so doing has grown a strong peer group. He is well read above the others being a holder of a Masters degree from University of Lagos and has taught in the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic since his graduation and and based on his educational standard can safely secure juicy committee positions in the green chamber .As a former Youth & Sports Commissioner in Ogun State he is better leveraged to secure the votes of our youths. He is presently serving as the Commissioner for Chieftaincy & Local Government Affairs. The experience of this has made him to understand our culture & customs better and thank God he did not fail even among our Obas. He alone lives among the people and is always available to minister to his constituents on daily basis.

Don’t be deceived he is the most accessible and more so when compared with the incumbent who does not live with the people and yet parading a nonfunctional office, it is obvious that the difference is clear. It may amount to waste of time if I continue to list his advantages over others as you know yourselves for this long that he had stayed with our people.

True, families and friends of some aspirants are already raining curses on them as they found it difficult to believe these people could afford to toy with millions of Naira when indeed they have never been useful to their families and friends yet desiring to lead the constituency. While it is not possible to dissuade the others from continuing in the race my sincere appeal is for our elders to maintain their calm and adjudicate properly on issues concerning our future. It will be wrong to advice elders in Yoruba Culture not be receive gratification but for the sake of your children yet unborn please ensure you make the right choice and avoid being ruled by sentiment. Let them boast that you have a price but do the needful so that we can together come out to sing as usual our own song Eleyi Omo wa, Eyi Omo wa. 

This is a time you cannot afford to fail. You just cannot afford to fail.    

Yours Sincerely, 
Hon. Dayo Akintoye 
a.k.a. D.1

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