World Malaria Day 2022: #KnockOutMalariain3Days #Shal’ArtemEveryEffortCounts - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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World Malaria Day 2022: #KnockOutMalariain3Days #Shal’ArtemEveryEffortCounts

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The World Malaria Day 2022 was marked under the theme “Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives.” No single tool that is available today will solve the problem of malaria-WHO 2022. These theme by WHO admits to the fact that every effort counts and therefore set the tune for this years “Knock Out Malaria in 3 Days” by Shal’Artem.

The #KnockOutMalariain3Days Campaign powered by Shal’Artem an effective brand of ACT from Shalina Healthcare witnessed a 3-day Nation-wide effort to eliminate malaria from Nigeria. The campaign was centered on a three (3) pronged advocacy involving proper sanitation, education on prevention/testing and finally treatment with ACT.

Over 5000 Nigerians were reached directly within 3 days with Education to prevent malaria, free gifts of treated mosquito nets, free testing with rapid diagnostic kits and free instant malaria consultation/ treatment with Shal’Artem for those with positive test results. With this Shalina healthcare re-iterates its commitment to “doing its part” in curbing the menace of Malaria by placing Nigeria back on a trajectory of achieving the 2030 targets of the WHO global malaria strategy.

Thus, Shalina Healthcare’s venture at local manufacturing of pharmaceutical medicines through the establishment of a WHO state of the art manufacturing facility in Nigeria further speaks of its commitment to fulfilling its mission: Quality, Affordability and Availability. Therefore, the company aims to make access to quality pharmaceutical medicines a right for all Africans.

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