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How Andy Uba’s Neglect Of Primate Ayodele’s Warnings Is Leading Him To More Disgrace

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Before Anambra governorship election, almost every followers of politics witnessed the saga between Primate Elijah Ayodele and the candidate of the APC, Andy Uba.

In May 2021, Primate Ayodele had warned some politicians including Andy Uba not to contest for governorship because it will result to a waste of money. He advised them to spend money on charity instead of governorship election.

A handful of the politicians he mentioned listened and withdrew from the election but Andy Uba, who was still an aspirant replied the man of God, called him several names and described him as a fake prophet whose prophecy never comes to pass.

Primate Ayodele, a fearless prophet who doesn’t bother to listen to reactions that follows his prophecy was immediately defended by those who know the kind of anointing he carries. These people further warned the politician not to speak to a man of God in such manner and that he should rather listen to him or seek his counsel.

Few months later, APC held its primary election and Andy Uba was elected as the candidate of the party in the election. Again, Primate Ayodele made another prophecy and said 100 million APC members cannot win the election, and that Andy Uba will not become the next governor of Anambra state.

Once again, the governor resumed his critic of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, he was quoted saying only God makes people governor not the prophecy of the man of God. He has forgotten that the prophecy isn’t coming from man but from the most high God.

Andy Uba was very confident that he would become the next governor of Anambra state because he is in the candidate of the ruling party of Nigeria and was assured of President Buhari’s support.

Unfortunately for Andy Uba, he lost the election woefully despite the fact that several millions of APC members voted him as the governorship candidate, he couldn’t get 500,000 votes in the governorship election.

After the election which saw the fulfilment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy, Andy Uba proceeded to the court to address his loss which he claimed wasn’t fair. The man of God spoke again and said he will end up disgracing himself in court.

The man of God stated that no matter the gimmicks Andy Uba tries to employ, he can’t be governor of Anambra state because God has not anointed him to be. (

Few hours ago, the supreme court ruled on Anambra governorship election case filed by Andy Uba and concluded that APC and Andy Uba’s participation in the election is void because they didn’t conduct the primaries the right way.

It’s definitely a sad time for Andy Uba and his followers but it would not have gotten to this if they listened from the beginning. Total neglect of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy has led Andy Uba to an everlasting disgrace.

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