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How I came about the movie, Jenifa – Popular Actress Funke Akindele Finally Open Up

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Funke Akindele's life has been changed as a result of her leading role in the blockbuster film Jenifa. Her celebrity profile has risen.

She spoke about how she has had to cope with being recognized by fans on the streets since being a Glo Ambassador.

"What, then, is Jenifa's making?" "Sister, can you imagine, some girls in my university want to attend a party in Abuja and while they were at the airport about to board a plane, a text message was received in one of their handsets and they noticed the text was from the girl who was organizing them for the party, she actually wanted to send it to the organizers in Abuja," 

"I have sent the females and please, make sure you deliver my money and keep everything lowkey o,"  The girls learned that the text message had been sent to their phones by mistake and that they were really 'organized' for rituals after reading it."

my younger sister, who is still at the University of Lagos, explained.

"Are you sure this stuff truly happened?" I questioned my younger sister. And she answered "yes," and I tried to think of the best way to relate this tale, because the message of "read your books, don't do 'aristos,' and HIV concerns" has been over-emphasized in the media, seminars, churches, and mosques. "Why can't I put comedy into it?" I reasoned. I came to the conclusion that the comedic portions would attract more people to listen to and watch the story, as well as gain a few lessons from it.

That's when I recalled this Igbo gal who want belong while I was in school, but she was so local wit such a strong Igbo accent. So, I created Jenifa, but I chose not to include an Igbo element in her.

I stuck to my Yoruba origins because I knew that if they had to deal with me, they wouldn't be too harsh since I was one of their own.

Jenifa was formed as a result of marrying the want to be a character with the crucial issue facing those girls, blending it with humour."

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