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"Why I Didn't Want To Act Anymore At One Point" - Moyo Lawal Reveals

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Many viewers are unaware that the life represented by an actor in a film does not necessarily mirror his or her true condition.

According to the prominent Nollywood actress, she was on the verge of quitting acting after realizing that people didn't comprehend that she was merely performing in a movie.

She wrote;

“At some point … I didn’t want to act anymore , because I realized people couldn’t understand that I was just playing a character …. …. (Like how do I start explaining that I just read a script, when people expect me to understand what they are going through because *** I went through it** even though I have in reality never gone through it.

* I can’t even start to break it down for you to understand right now … like asking me , how I am coping with losing my husband? As how? 

Asking me, how many places I worked as a maid before I got my big break koyemi oooh ..pardon?? Asking me all sorts and seeing all sorts of assumptions …

My God …. Anyways, this is just a few of my characters,it was nostalgic going down memory lane and I think, it is about time I did a professional showreel (never done one before) …. I did include a few recent … …

P.S Ayam, not my characters jare … all you people that think, I am crazy, this … that …. … anyhow, I give up believe what you may …”

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