Investors Confess AAS, CEO Are Genuine, As more shocking Revelation of How Abayomi, Cohort Lavished stolen money Emerged - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Investors Confess AAS, CEO Are Genuine, As more shocking Revelation of How Abayomi, Cohort Lavished stolen money Emerged

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Interestingly, Investors  of Afriq Arbitrage System have chorused in unism that AAS is a reliable platform and not a ponzi scheme. According to a cross section of investors across the country who spoke to us, they were victims of ponzi schemes who found solace in Jesame Micheal as a ponzi killer. According to them, everything the platfrom promised them was fulfilled until the time the CEO was sick, went for the surgery and Abayomi tampared with the system to siphon their hard eaned money.

Abayomi Segun Oluwasesan, who was employed by his boss on the 15th of June, 2022 to work as a web developer, literally hacked the platform at a time when his boss, Jesam Micheal went for a liver transplant and entrusted the codes to him.

Overwhelmed by greed, Abayomi who was entrusted with the sensitive data for the smooth operations of the company, engaged the services of his cohorts, disrupting the smooth operations of the platform and stealing hard-earned investors' money running into several billions.

Checks revealed that AAS is a global phenomenon with over 100,000 investors from over 75 counties. Thinking his employer, Jesam Micheal would not survive the operation, he withdrew several millions of dollars and became an instant rich dude with an astonishing flamboyant lifestyle overnight. His first criminal act was obtaining a Ghania passport through which he used in acquiring other international residency and properties.  He became the owner of a car dealership known as FIDORAY Autos and imported over 30 exotic wonders on wheels. He acquired Tanzanian and Dubai citizenship. Aside from that, he bought state-of-the-art properties in the UK, Dubai, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

One of the plazas he acquired in Lagos was to the tune of N450m, landed properties around Dangote refineries to the tune of N1b, and splashed a billion naira on the interior decoration of the Mesh 3-star hotel in Mainland, Lagos State.

A nobody Abayomi was travelling across the globe with investors' money on first-class tickets. His dubious activities literally crashed the lucrative platform on the 15th of May, 2023.

Over 20 top Investors in Nigeria who spoke to us about admitted that AAS and the CEO were not dubious…
Micheal Ozakor from Abia:I have absolute trust and confidence in AAS and the CEO because he is genuine and has fulfilled everything he promised us from inception till the time Abayomi tampered with the platform. He is transparent and carried us along. AAS is genuine and real.

Abraham Lawal from Lagos: I joined the telegram group to follow and study them. One thing that endeared me to them was the sincerity of the CEO. I am a pastor and can vouch that the platform was legis, real and genuine and the CEO is quite sincere in all the dealings.

Godwin Stanley- I got to know about this platform last year.  I was skeptical about financial platforms but the CEO’S sincerity won my heart and i can say it boldly that the platform is legit and not a ponzi scheme.

Bawa from Abuja- I am an handicap who is a  trader and a gradute of computer science  and majored in courses under programming. I really understand some of the things Jesame Micheal taught us and let me say it that AAS is a Ponzi killer. Infact, his mission was to take us away from ponzi schemes. And he was a true antidote to ponzi schemes. In building the platform, he carried us along from the beginning, the designing, the robotic system and all that made up of the system. I joined the telegram group when it was just over 1000 members till it grew to this hundred of thousands. We started trading and i can say AAS is real, legit and true and fulfilled all promises until Abayomi came in. I had lost 35 million naira to a ponzi scheme before so for me to vouch for this its because its real.

ERNEST- what endeared me to Jesame Micheal and AAS is his sincerity, selflessness and passion. I have been into many ponzi schemes but my encounter with him proved to me AAS is legit, true and rewarding. I have never been disappointed despite the setbacks caused by Abayomi. Thats why I have vowed to stand by him unconditionally.

Orji Chibuzor from Anambra who is a banker joined his voice to reiterate the fact that AAS was a life changer. A true financial platform that can eradicate ponzi schemes. He said other platforms he was sees Jesame Micheal as a threat because of his sincerity, geniuneness who doesnt want us to make money alone but trained us all on how to make money ourselves. And we were enjoined the benefits daily since inception until Abayomi hijacked it due to the life threatening sickness of the CEO. 

Abdulafeez from Ondo- I am someone who is against anything illegal or ponzi schemes. I can disown my son if he is involved in yahoo yahoo. So it took me time and proper investigation before I joined AAS because its legit and Jesame Miacheal is so transparent and real. Thats why we are standing by him. 

FInally, Checks revealed that Jesam Michael is a name that is becoming more and more well-known in the world of cryptocurrency and online investment. He is the founder of Afriq JM Arbitrage System, a company that provides an automated trading platform that allows investors to profit from price differences between different cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, Jesam Michael's success story is not just about building a successful business. It is also about his ability to crack the walls of scammers and fraudulent actors that plague the online investment industry.
The cryptocurrency industry has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with many people eager to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. However, with this popularity has come to a rise in scams and fraudulent schemes that have left many investors out of pocket.
Jesam Michael's story begins with his own experience of falling victim to a scam. He had invested a significant amount of money in a cryptocurrency trading platform that promised high returns, only to discover that it was a fraudulent scheme. This experience left him disillusioned with the industry and determined to do something about it.

He began researching different investment strategies and stumbled upon the concept of arbitrage trading. This involves buying a cryptocurrency on one exchange where it is undervalued and then selling it on another exchange where it is overvalued. The difference in price between the two exchanges provides a profit for the investor.

Jesame Micheal saw the potential of this strategy and began building his own automated trading platform that could take advantage of price differences between different exchanges. The result was Afriq JM Arbitrage System, which has become a successful business with many satisfied customers.


  1. I got to know AAS platform last year August 2022.
    One thing I love about AAS CEO is transparency. As an investor he has teach me to know fake online platform(ponzi scheme) and the real/genuine platform as well. I can vouch for AAS platform cos they are real good and genuine.
    J  -  E  -  S  -  A  -  M

    J - Judgement over Ponzi scheme
          masters and scammers
    E - Excellent Spirit( transparency)
    S - Service to humanity
    A - Acceleration of 4 in one program
           ( ASI, HFT, MICROSERVER & ML)
    M - Movement ( moving to our various DREAMLAND. Stand tall and extending the hand of love to needy or helping less privilege also to support our government through tech)

    Until Abayomi Oluwasesan Segun betrayed the CEO with the code entrusted & giving to him bcos of CEO health challenge at that time which is 50/50. Abayomi thought that CEO will not make it or he will die. He
    betrayed the investors, betrayed the global community. Disrupt the system to hack and take hard earned money that belongs to global investors including orphanage, Motherless and less privilege. What a shame cos of greed. God Almighty will judge him to the end. The God of orphanage investors, Widows, Widowers, Less privilege will judge him to fullest.

  2. AAS is REAL & LEGIT.
    CEO of AAS by name Jesam Michael teachings and sincerity has taught me alot and has kept me away from ponzi schemes since April 2022 till date.
    I owe alot of appreciation to him because he built something so magnificent called Afriqarbitragesystem(AAS) with compassion of the masses that has lost alot to ponzi scheme before all over the world untill Abayomi an employee of AAS decided to get intoxicated with greed the moment he got the opportunity when CEO Jesam Michael entrusted him the platform(AAS) to go attend to his medical issue.
    Every dime Abayomi stole must be recovered and returned and abayomi to face full punishment of his criminal evil harden heart act.