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How Primate Ayodele Foretold Kidnap Attack On University Of Abuja Months Ago

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‘‘I don’t celebrate whenever my prophecies come to pass’’, these were the words of Primate Elijah Ayodele some months ago when he was asked the question ‘’Your prophetic warnings always come to pass, how do you feel about it’’?. This answer was astonishing to everyone in that gathering as they expect that he should always feel happy whenever his prophecies get fulfilled, after all, that’s what accuracy is about.

With his response, many went home with a different perception of Primate Ayodele, they got to see how loving and kind he is but for  the fact that many ignore the warnings of a prophet, he gets called out as a prophet of ‘Doom’ whenever his warnings come to pass whereas, the situation is totally different.

Despite the critics, Primate Ayodele has remained as strong as ever in his calling. He never stopped telling the world what God has asked him to say and unfortunately, the more they fail the listen, the more the warnings keep coming to pass and that is why on a daily basis, Primate Ayodele keeps getting referenced whenever somethings happen because he had prophesied about them before.

Many of his warnings like the emergence of Covid-19, military invasion in Guinea, Mali, Sudan, emergence of Lassa Fever, APC breakage, Building collapse in Ikoyi have come to pass. Just recently, the kidnap attack on University Of Abuja was part of his prophecies which was released last month during independence.

The man of God in his usual style released series of prophecies about all sectors of the society including education. In the education section, he revealed that there will be attack on Nigerian universities and top ranking members will be kidnapped.

In UNIABUJA yesterday, gunmen stormed the institution, kidnapped students and two professors of the institution. As we speak, they are yet to be released from the hands of the gun wielding kidnappers

Before 2021 began, in his new year prophecy, Primate Ayodele revealed that the country will battle with kidnapping specially this year and as he said it, it has never been this bad in Nigeria. The rate at which kidnapping has been occurring since the beginning of this year is alarm.

There can never be a best time to listen to Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings than now. The security operatives in the country need to start paying attention before things gets worse than they are at the moment.

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