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Analysis: Did Primate Ayodele Say APGA Will Win Anambra Election?

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By John Okafor

There have been controversies surrounding the outcome of the gubernatorial election in Anambra state and those who are at the receiving end are prophets who released prophecies about the election.

Although, not so many prophets talked about the election, we had only few and the most pronounced and popular one among them is Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.

There have been debates on the social media requesting to know if the prophet actually said APGA will win the election. Some seem not to be clear about his prophecies about the election, some said he prophesied victory for YPP’s Ifeanyi Ubah, some said he prophesied victory for PDP though everyone agree that Primate Ayodele had told APC since 2020 that they will not win the election.

As a writer who doesn’t believe in hearsays, it is important to critically look at the prophecy of Primate Ayodele about the election and I will be considering his first ever prophecy on the election and the last one he did.

His first prophecy on the election dates back to September 25, 2020 in an interview with Tribune newspaper where he said 10 million APC members cannot guarantee victory for the party and that the election will be between APGA and PDP.

‘‘In Anambra State, 10 million APC members cannot be governor there except the election is rigged. The election is between APGA and PDP. [Willie] Obiano should not leave APGA.  He should produce a sellable candidate. It will be a  tough election Anambra State’’ (

His last prophecy about the election was on October 12, 2021 where he talked on all major parties and the candidates. He explained how the winner of the election will emerge.

‘’APC cannot win except through rigging, it’s just the rigging that can give them victory. The people don’t want APC but they want to do everything to get it through rigging and fraudulent moves. The party is working on a backyard victory’’

‘’People are tired of APGA, they don’t want APGA but the party wants to enforce power through rigging, they are not getting it right. Governor Willie Obiano isn’t doing his homework properly and it will affect their victory. Nobody is ready for APGA and APC in Anambra but both of them are bent on taking it by force. Except Governor Willie Obiano begs the people of Anambra and prays to God, the people will not vote for APGA’’

‘’PDP has what it takes, they have the resources but except their candidate, Valentine Ozigbo does the necessary things, he won’t win. A coalition will help PDP more to get their chances. If they do what is right, they will get it. Unless PDP wakes up, gets a coalition and puts their house in proper order, they will not be victorious, they should manage things properly’’

‘’YPP candidate, Ifeanyi Ubah is not ready to take victory, victory is surrounding him but he isn’t ready for it. They will ease him out technically, he is getting some things wrong except he does the needful. He has what it takes but he isn’t managing it, he is playing around the victory and people are not seeing him as well prepared for the election victory. The victory is close to him but he doesn’t know how to claim it.’’ (

The first prophecy in 2020 talked categorically on where the pendulum of the election will swing ‘’The election is between APGA and PDP’’. With what has happened in Anambra election, it is obvious that APGA is taking the lead while PDP is taking the second with APC take the third position. His first prophecy has been confirmed and one can boldly say Yes, he did predict victory for APGA.

His last prophecy which was in October 2021 looks more elaborate and explanatory. In the first one, he didn’t make any explanation, it was just a direct statement. This time around, he treated the prophecy as a follow up to what he had said one year ago, if one take a closer look at it.

For APGA, He mentioned that the people are tired of them but they will win the election IF they follow the solution he gave which includes begging the people of Anambra, praying to God and rigging. According to that prophecy, if they follow these steps, they will win the election.

Now that APGA is taking the lead, did they do any of this to be victorious in the election? On begging the people of Anambra, before the election campaign started, APGA went on to beg Ojukwu’s widow who has been angry with the party and Governor Willie Obiano. Ojukwu is a founding father of APGA and is well respected by the people of Anambra even though he is dead, many believe his spirit is still among them. A committee constituted by the governor went ahead to beg his widow before they started campaigning, confirming one of the points Primate Ayodele gave.

Secondly, Primate Ayodele mentioned praying to God before the people can vote for APGA. Prayer is not something done in the public, it’s a communication between a man and God, therefore, one can’t say if they prayed or not.

Thirdly, Primate Ayodele mentioned rigging. It’s not even a news anymore that the APC, PDP have accused INEC of conniving with APGA to rig the election through the use of technology. The outcry has been so much since Saturday, confirming Primate Ayodele’s prophecy again. APGA took time to follow the three solutions Primate Ayodele gave if they want to win and it perfectly worked out.

For PDP, Primate Ayodele noted that they should form a coalition first if they want to win the election. we recall that Primate Ayodele said last year that the election is between APGA and PDP but did PDP form any coalition? No, how then were they supposed to win?

YPP’s Ifeanyi Ubah was told categorically that He will be eased out of the election, there was no remedy and that’s what happened in the election.

With this, one will be right to say Primate Ayodele prophesied victory for APGA in the election.

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