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The Danger of a single story: Hard facts about Obinna Oriaku that many do not know

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1. Four years as Commissioner of finance he never earned salary from Abia State .He worked Pro bono. First bank paid his salary on behalf of the State for the four years he served .

2. In line with his crave for prudence and in accordance with the popular injunction "practice what you preach". Obinna reduced cost of going to Abuja from N1.6m to 500k for four years that he served as a commissioner. Sadly the former exorbitant bill was reverted back to as soon as he left office.

3.Do you know why many people celebrated the exit of Obinna from Government especially his failure to clinch the COS seat?The reason is not far-fetched...  He is a reformer. Of course that is what Abia State needs. 

4.Do you know that he automated the salary payment process and biometric capturing of civil servants at zero cost to the state? By his ingenuity,UBA Plc funded the automation as their social corporate responsibility at the sum of N39m.

5. It will shock you to know that four years after,the same government spent a whooping N48m to reverify the same civil servants. 

6. Obinna could stand against instituted corrupt practices and a fraudulently endemic system because he is upright . Like others Obinna could have simply bow to the gods and be saved like others .

7  Do you know he championed many sectoral reforms which  would have help reposition the state like system automation( e- governance),civil service reform, Judiciary reform, local government system reform, Parstarals reform, Open governance and SEFTAS reforms including IGR. Reformists are not usually appreciated while in office .

8 Non payment of salaries and pensions in Abia will continue to be issues because of these reforms that were truncated and can only be solved when the  fundamentals are addressed. 

9.Do you know that he managed the state finance better? It is unarguable that the best era of Ikpeazu's administration, with respect to finance, was when Obinna  was in charge. 

10. Contrary to wide spread aparthy that characterised the early days of Obinna's exit from Government especially by some civil servants and "any where belle face politicians" who  benefitted from the corruption then, and of course by reason of the massive media propaganda sponsored against him.Thank  God today 

10. Do you know that many people have realised that Obinna meant well for Abians and Abia.
The tough policies championed then were  in sync with the global best practices . 
Do you know that he has been fully vindicated and is now the reference of what Abia needs. 

12 .Pundicts still speculate that Obinna is a man of grace , they opine that,perhaps , God separated him from the sinking ship to prepare him for greater tasks ahead. 

Please check your facts well and don't fall victim to a single story.


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