"You Have Been Through A Lot, Made Sacrifices" Actress Funke Akindele Makes Mercy Johnson Cry. - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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"You Have Been Through A Lot, Made Sacrifices" Actress Funke Akindele Makes Mercy Johnson Cry.

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Mercy Johnson got emotional and cried in her freshly aired episode of her cook show, Mercy's Menu, because actress Funke Akindele publicly praised her for being a good mother.

“You are a special mum, sweetheart, special mum, you have time for your kids, you inspire me to be a better mum, seeing you play with them, you left everything for them, your family, you are a good mum. I respect you so much for that, you make me want to be a better mum… You are a billionaire, role model, you have been through a lot, made sacrifices and you don’t give up….”

In response, Mercy Johnson said “Hearing my mentor Funke talk about how she sees me got me emotional, like as women, mum, we go through alot and having her hold me in such high esteem, made me feel thankful”

Funke Akindele revealed that she is tired of playing Jenifa in the Jenifa Diaries series, but she can't quit because many of her fans adore it and look forward to it.

When asked about her Law degree, Funke Akindele said “I don’t miss being a lawyer, i am thankful for studying law but i love what i am doing, this is my first love not Law”

Speaking about motherhood, Funke Akindele said “Having those two boys is a answered prayer for me. I got married 40 and had the babies at 42 and I am turning 44, see how far God has brought us in almost 5 years. There is no late time with God, wait for your time.” 

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