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By Kayode Akin-Samuel - September 26, 2021

Hon. Segun Showunmi, the spokesman of the former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubarka, lamented on the conditions of common Nigerians as they languished in poverty due to the fall of Naira to Dollar.

Showunmi, a front liner of Peoples Democratic Party said this on Tuesday on a video interview with Falcon Times and principal members of Independent Newspapers Association of Nigeria (INAN).

The politician said “I think the Nigerians themselves knows more than any party and must take that decision by looking at their own personal lives. If you are poorer, if the little money you have in your pocket, inflation has robbed you of the ability to get value. If the price you are paying for food has become out of reach, if all the things that make life more abundant is no longer easy for you, then I am not the one who will come and tell you what you need to do with your franchise during the elections”

“I believe that during the next circle of elections, it should be a referendum to take your country from the hands of those who have divided us so ridiculously, who have not solved the problem of security. In fact they have impoverished us. We now have a foreign exchange arrangement that must scare us, we are now moving towards $1 to N1000. Because coming from $1 to N155 or N185, we are now at N575 to US$1. If we are not careful we will soon find ourselves in a situation where it will now be $1 to N1000”

The former Vice president’s spokesman in his statement do not lay much emphasis on foreign exchange but on how it affected our local consumables comparing values of N1000 of yester years.

“Am not even excessively excited about the actual exchange rate because the Japanese yen, and the Chinese currency don’t exchange very powerfully. What I am even more concerned about is the parity/quality and the value of that N1000. The N1,000 in your pocket in 2015 what could you do with it. The N1,000 in your pocket now what can you do with it, It is the same N1,000. Leave the exchange rate for a second. You are not buying Garri in dollar, you are not buying palmwine in dollar, you are not buying meat in dollar, you’re not buying pepper in dollar, you’re not buying soap in dollar you’re not buying gas in dollar. And yet the money you have in your pocket, cannot buy you anything now. How much do you buy a bowl of garri before? How much do you buy a tin of Peak milk? How much do buy a tin of Sardines? So that you can keep it within where I want Nigerians to see it. Leave it as bad as foreign exchange to be, leave that to those who want to operate their lives in dollars, let us pay attention for the ones that want to operate themselves on the salary that they get in Naira. They have not managed inflation. They have no ability of the currency to get revalue, therefore, everybody is poorer”

“And I cannot see any reason why the mass of Nigerian people will be waiting for somebody to come and tell them that they are dying slowly and poverty is killing them and killing their children. So I expect them all to get themselves ready that by the time they blow the whistle for another elections. You don’t need to waste your energy. Anything APC says now should be rejected. Any media APC use now should be rejected. Any excuse APC give now should be rejected”

“Because Nigerians have endured for so long. And there is a limit to what you can make them endure. You want to kill everybody one day, I tell you again, return the country back to the PDP, a platform that rescued Nigerians from excruciating poverty and despondency in the past”

“And how many teachers in 1999 had cars? How many journalists had cars in 1999? How many doctors, nurses, and civil servants had cars in 1999? Within our years everybody had started building their own small, small houses, almost everybody has been used to buying a car and everybody now looks a little bit more prosperous until they carry themselves to the corner of the people who have no agenda other than to make life difficult for all Nigerians. We cannot convince you on the matter that you are the one who is wearing the shoe. And you ought to know where it is pinching you. So in 2023, the conversation must be PDP. PDP. PDP alone”

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