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Northern States Christian Elders (NOSCEF) Forum Statement On Matters Arising On Increasing Spate Of Insecurity

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We again want to express our concerns over the deteriorating security condition in the North West and North Central of Kaduna,Plateau, Niger, Zamfara and Katsina.

We are shocked that the killings in Zango Kataf have continued unabated in spite of all the peace meetings and we have not heard of any arrests or prosecution.

We condemn the killing of the Irigwes just next to the Army Divisional Headquarters in Jos without intervention, the killing of travelers along the same axis and the killing of 35 people, as well as burning of houses, when security are expected to be enforcing a curfew.

We expect the same zeal and vigour in the arrest of perpetrators of these dastardly acts against humanity as we saw when the travelers were murdered.

When that fails, people are left in disbelief and justifiably question the sincerity or fair mindedness on the part of government in ensuring justice is served from those that have the responsibility to decisively deal with the situations without bias.

The government must not be seen to have become unconcerned about a section of those they govern.

We appeal to the government to take the Revelations of the retired Navy General seriously and muster courage to deal with the Militias in government whose identities are known before we end up like Afghanistan.

Now the war has been taken to NIgeria's prime Military institution, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) to instill fear in the hearts of the young Officer cadets in training and the leaders of NIgeria's Armed Forces of tomorrow.

It will be unfortunate if nothing comes out of the initial outcry and it is allowed to pass like the other incidents before it, while we await the next  incident.

There is nothing to be ashamed of now, seeking external assistance to end the insecurity. With attacks on military institutions, killings and burning of houses in villages with boundary with an Army Divisional Headquarters unchecked, and killing in tens and burning of houses when the military is enforcing a curfew, what other shame are we running from?

We urge the Federal Government to seek every aid and help from everyone needed to bring this insecurity to an end before the people begin to believe there is more than meets the eyes in the spread of the insecurity.

The Federal Government must facilitate the modernization of agriculture by encouraging ranching than open grazing, which state governments across the nation on behalf of the people have made pronouncements against.

The land use act has placed ownership of land in the custody of governors in trust for the people.

The government should desist from heating up the polity by taking us to the controversy of grazing reserves and cattle routes.

To superimpose that on the current wave of insecurity being spearheaded by foreign herdsmen  would be most insensitive.

The government cannot act in anyway to embolden killer herdsmen, by creating safe havens for them in the name of grazing reserves across the country.

We must go the way of ranching where there is ownership and responsibility.

We commiserate with the families of those who lost lives and property in this recent wanton destruction and solicit for prayers for NIgeria.

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