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Jovonel Mose’s Death : How Primate Ayodele Warned World Presidents Against Assassinations

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The world is currently troubled following the death of the President of Haiti, Jovonel Mose who was assassinated overnight in a very brutal attack.

His wife, who is the first lady of the country was also injured during this attack and is battling for her life in the hospital, according to confirmed reports.

This brutal development is coming at a time when there is so much attack on the security of every nation across the world. In the last six months, about four presidents have died in the world and two happened due to the high state of insecurity.

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele had warned in his annual book of prophecy titled Warnings To The Nations that world leaders need to pray against any form of assassination or coup. He made this warnings in the 2020/2021 edition of the book but it seems none of his warnings as regards this was followed by those involved in it.

On page 128 of the book, these were his words

‘The world will be troubled because some countries will be disturbing creating tension. Some countries will not have peace. Some world leaders will work to keep the world intact. Let us rebuke attacks, uprising, assassination and coup in any country. I foresee that a bridge will break even as a road will be bombed’’

With the look of things, the world is facing what Primate Ayodele had said many months ago, and he will be releasing another edition of the warning to the nations soon. It is advised that presidents get their copies in order to pray ahead of any evil occurrence.

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