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It Is Now More Dangerous For African Presidents To Ignore Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies

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Some of the things that have happened in African countries in recent times is alarming. In the last one year, African leaders have died, some were assassinated, democratic countries have gone back to military regimes, there have been breakout of diseases, unrest and many other unpleasant things have happened.

The shocking ones that happened recently is the assassination attack on the interim President of Mali some days ago at the mosque. He was attacked by a knifeman who wanted to kill him if not for the intervention of his security details. Just today, news broke out that the President of Madagascar escaped an assassination attempt in his country. It’s totally a mess in African countries that Presidents and leaders are not target of these frequent attacks.

Meanwhile, a top Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele had warned African leaders against these attacks beforehand, if only they pay attention. The prophet is very well celebrated for prophesying the death of African leaders that died between last year and this year. The death of former Ivory coast prime minister, Hamed Bakayoko, former Chad President, Idris Derby, Tanzania former president, John Magufuli, and many others were things he talked about before they happened.

Just after Idris Derby’s death, Primate Ayodele spoke again and made it known that God is angry with African leaders because they have failed to listen to HIS (God) word and refer Him in everything they do. He explained that if they can look up to God for the solution to their problems, He will save them.

After giving them this solution, He then spoke about Mali, making it known that the interim president should be watchful of his movements because he sees attack coming his way, this was just confirmed two days ago when the president was attack by a knifeman at the mosque.

He then went further to say there will be insecurity issues and coup attempt in some African countries, the assassination attack on Madagascar president today could have led to coup if it wasn’t well handled by the security details. It was indeed a coup attempt that was almost successful.

These warnings of his can be found on the internet space, they are not words that were fabricated, they have been on the internet for months without the African leaders listening to them. One after the other, these warnings have been coming to pass, there are others that are yet to come to pass among them but would it be wise that these African leaders wait till they come to pass before taking actions? These man of God has said times without number that he doesn’t even love it when his prophetic warnings come to pass but when those involved don’t heed to these warnings, would you blame the prophet?

It has gotten to the time to accept the fact that Primate Ayodele is a world prophet because he speaks about every country in the world in his prophecies and hardly do we see any of his prophecies not coming to pass because they are ordained by God. With the fulfilment of his most recent prophecies, it is very dangerous for African presidents to ignore them.

Below are the links to read some of his recent warnings

Written By Lamin Omar

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