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The attention of the south west inter party Advisory Council IPAC has been drawn to a statement credited to a former Senator from Kogi west Dino melaye claiming he has load of criminal evidence against the performing Governor and presidential aspirant in APC Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi.

According to the press statement signed by Comrade Arabambi Abayomi
Chairman IPAC Southwest, We did not intend to dignify such gibberish coming from a drown Political mercenaries but for the unsuspecting members of the public who may be deceived to think his statement contain any iota of truth 

As the  Ogun State Chairman of Labour Party, the Chairman of Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Ogun state Chapter and leader of Political Party Chairmen in Southwest Nigeria , it's evidence the videos and pictures tweeted by Senator Dino Melaye and his Anti Corruption Network handing over bags of evidence against the person of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State is nothing but ARRANT nonsensical balderdash in entirety

In words of the Chairman Ipac Southwest, comrade Gentleman Abayomi ARABAMBI, the timing of the erstwhile senator, and his bid to destabilize the campaign and  political ambition of the Kogi State Governor is at best childish and can be ascribe to a situation where a passenger was waiving and beconing on an already airborne aeroplane ✈️🛫
In Nigeria,we have a Weak truth ,strong lies and many Nigerians are spectators whose sole interest is in who wins

They don't mind if it is a lie that takes victory over the truth.They are just interested in who wins

What could be considered inconsistent in an inconsistent act by a man known to be highly inconsistent and a perpetual moron.

Both SDM and Gov Bello enjoyed the goodwill of Nigerians about 6 years ago when they both won elections into their respective offices, Nigerians have since rejected SDM while Gov Bello has since being returned to office for another term and continues to enjoy goodwill as many Nigerians continue to support and encourage him to aspire for the number one office in the land, the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To the neutrals and those who are not familiar with Kogi State Politics, these are some of the great works of Gov Yahaya Bello and these are why he continues to enjoy goodwill. 

His administration completed the Construction of the biggest Rice Mill in Northern Nigeria which produces 50 Tons per day at Omi in Ejiba community ,Yagab East Local Government area, this Mill introduced to Nigeria and the World 'Confluence Rice' making Kogi State one of the largest states that produce rice in Nigeria.

2. Construction of the 8.5km Ogaminana, Egbogogo/Total Junction through Eikaltakpe Road, located at Kogi Central.

3. Construction of 12.8km, Ebiyakpatesi/Ogigiri road

4. Construction of 10.7km Agaso- Ukpogoro road in Kongi Central.

5 Construction of 21km Obeira, Okengwe/Obangede Road.

6. Rehabilitation of Idah/Ajake/Umomi/Ejule Road

7. Construction of Oguma/ Sheria Road and Bridge at Bassa local government area

8. His emphasis of gender parity and inclusion of women in government is unmatched.

9. Being a youth himself, Gov Bello has the highest number of young people in his cabinet.

While its of utmost importance to hold power accountable its also equally important to know where being patriotic stops and where being an enemy of progress starts, if any of the allegations against Gov Bello had substance and were true the former senator had all the opportunity in the world to put his case before the Senate, the House of Reps or even the House of Assembly in his state, when he was a part of that Government, he as a senator could even have sent all of his evidence to the EFCC back then but failed  to do so. 

Therefore to do now simply because Gov Bello aspires to become the President of Nigeria is only  CHILDISH but Nonsensical

Opinions are in very many plurals.

 The rough exposure of a rough individual will remain rough as long as he remains in the throes of the rough existence he has been used to all his life. Nothing will polish a pig to earn a cleanliness and neatness contest . A pig will remain a pig very dirty , rough and unkept.

Very obvious that when you fight with a pig in its habitat you get dirtied.

 His Excellency GYB  have achieved a public grade that he  can afford to ignore this  hirelings as there is no reason for his Excellency to continue to honour this very cheap bought and paid for element by an exchange of a rejoinder.
 It's an undisputable and incontrovertible fact and I am very sincere with this that if GYB keep on engaging these paid social cancers , soon they will likely succeed in bringing him down to their warped level.

The south west IPAC here by advice the presidential hopeful to keep the flag flying and avoid unnecessary distraction from mercenaries like Dino melaye so as to win the most converted trophy.

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