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Huge explosions rock Equatorial Guinea's main city

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A series of explosions have been heard in Equatorial Guinea's commercial hub, Bata, leaving a huge plume of smoke hanging over the city, images on social media show.

State TV is reporting that there have been fatalities and significant damage, and health workers have been asked to report to the city's hospitals, the Spanish news agency EFE says.

The cause of the explosions is unclear.

But there are reports that they came from an area near a military base.

Video posted on social media of the aftermath show a chaotic scene of distressed people fleeing from the site of the explosions.

In a tweet, France's ambassador Olivier Brochenin sent his condolences to the victims, describing the event as a "catastrophe".

The Spanish embassy has said that its country's citizens should remain at home and issued a series of emergency numbers.

Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony until independence in 1968.

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