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Excite Enterprises Salvage Hope of Nigerians, Introduces MSMEs to Profitability

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Lagos, Nigeria Excite Enterprise, a fully digital Business Development, and Enterprise solutions provider, has made its way into the Nigerian market with various simplified innovations, designed to lead Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on the pathway to success and sustainability. 

It is designed to facilitate solutions to the many problems faced by SMEs in terms of low productivity, inability to access funds, legal difficulties involved in business registration, and reaching the right customers through influencer marketing.

According to a Director at Excite Enterprise, Bolaji Okusaga, SMEs have faced a lot of problems in Nigeria especially in the area of funding and other logistics because the government cannot reach out to all of them, hence the urgent need for Excite Enterprise to lead the way to the development of the country’s economy through the proliferation of viable SMEs.

Okusaga, the CEO of Precise Platforms, said Excite will deliver on its promise to revamp the MSME sector through its partnership with organizations across countries that are willing to support entrepreneurs in the country.

Excite Enterprise, he explained, provides innovative services to develop and deepen markets for MSMEs, thus providing entrepreneurs across the business space an opportunity to reach consumers; boost brand names; sales; competitiveness; and improve rendered services. These businesses will not only be able to access funding to scale up their potentials, they will also have entry to a bigger market. 

A director at Excise Enterprise and CEO of Mobinet, Hong Kong, Mr. Andrew Otiko asserted that the platform’s sole aim is to make life easy for SMEs through technology usage as he is of the firm belief that if the sector is well organized, there will be massive employment in the country.

He said, “Excite platform has the sole aim of using technology to make life easy for SMEs. It will also facilitate funding from some of our partners that are involved in providing grants and also facilitate other services that will mitigate challenges faced by MSME.

‘’The only way the economy can grow is by providing jobs to the citizenry which can only happen if we change the narrative for SMEs, if processes are in a place where things are simple, there will be massive employment opportunities for everyone if each SME can sustain its growth and recruit just one person.’’

On how the features can spread across the country, especially for those in the rural areas to be able to access the platform, Okusaga said those within that category will be able to pick the language they want when on the platform, which will make the communication easy to use for them.
Furthermore, Mr. Chinonso Ukwandu, the Chief Technology Officer said the platform has every feature needed for every SMEs to succeed as through navigating the website, each business owner can be able to meet agencies that can facilitate fund for it, do bookkeeping, build personal websites and engage influencers in marketing its products.

He said there is also a recruitment and training tool on the platform, where prospective employers can meet the right fit, and also facilitate training for the small business owners. He said the first edition of the training has been held and many more will happen before the end of the year.

About Excite Enterprise
Excite Enterprise came into being based on the need to leapfrog Africa’s development using Technology and Trade. The goal is to create Africa’s largest virtual market and help to actualize the potential of Africa’s vast informal sector. Excite Enterprise’s major focus is on providing business services for Micro, Small, and Medium businesses. 

The Platform is a product of Excite Africa a partner business of Excite Incorporated which is a business facilitation platform that helps to optimize business performance by providing access to awareness campaigns, business finance, marketing channels, value creation, and process improvements.

In collaboration with a wide array of third party organisations and individuals, Excite Enterprise provides business management solutions. These services include the provision of a free e-commerce space for trading purposes, marketing services, business registration, and compliance services, training and recruitment as well as access to funding opportunities.
Additional information is available on https://www.exciteenterprise.com/.

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