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TACKLE INSECURITY NOW: Primate Ayodele tells Buhari

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 The founder of Inri Evangelical spiritual church, Primate Babatunde has condemned the recent massacre of farmers by Boko Haram jihadist sect in Borno state .The cleric had earlier prophesied in his book titled "warnings to the nations. Speaking about the callous and the heinous act the Celtic said "the issue of insecurity will continue to linger in nigeria until  Buhari decides to change his service chiefs,i am really sad about the killing of these innocent people, the government certainly need to listen to divine warnings in order to quell the tension of insecurity in the Nigerian nation" he stressed. 

The 2020/2021 of his book "warnings to the nations",the it was clearly enunciated that "Jere local government should be careful of strange and unexpected attacks".The cleric said that Borno state would have serious security challenge and they will spend heavily on this. The book specifically warned Adamawa, Borno,Benue,Maiduguri Bauchi Kano Kaduna and Abuja,the book was published in the month of May, 2020 because it contains divine revelations of things that will happen between the Time it was published and next year. This gruesome murder is actually coming at a time that the nation is battling hard to sustain her integrity in the eyes on the international communities. 

It's not every prophet that  has the grace to give international prophecies,let alone having prophecies for every nation of the world. A lot of prophets can only prophesy to their members and people around them, they can not even give a single fulfilled prophecy concerning Seychelles ,the smallest country on the African continent. One man that has distinguished himself and made himself a complete and a general prophet of the entire world,is primate Babatunde Ayodele.

Some people say that he is a political prophet, some say that he is after fame and money, some believe that he doesn't have time for  the members of his church because he is always talking about politics.The shocking revelation about primate Ayodele is that, he is so caring for his members and people who come around to see him that he makes himself available for counseling and prayers, even at odd hours, which most men of God can not do;he is ready to attend to you at anytime, even in the middle of the night.He is the only prophet who has a compiled book of prophecies for every nation of the world, the book is titled "warnings to the nations",he gives national and international prophecies besides meeting the spiritual needs of members and other people that comes to him;he doesn't just give prophecies, he gives them in details and years earlier before they occur.

Ondo state recently witnessed the murder of a king, Oba Adegoke Adeusi,the Olufon of Ifon,do you know that this tragic event was written in page 71 of his book of prophecies titled "warnings to the nations"? no prophet saw this coming except Ayodele, God has indeed given us a great prophet in this generation.He has also warned John Mahama in the presence of over 10000 of his congregants ,that he needs to concentrate on the upper Volta region, the Northern region and also work with the traditional leaders in Ghana, if he truly wishes to emerge as the new president of the nation.Some people are nursing the thought that Ayodele gives prophecies to favour those that gives him money, did Joe Biden  of America also give him money to give prophecy to his favour? Ayodele was first prophet that prophesied the Joe Biden was going to win the US presidential election because he mentioned Joe Biden's name, even before Biden became the flag bearer of the Democrats.

Some call him a PDP prophet, but a read i publication recently, he said that governor Babajide Sanwo-olu is the man that would heal the wound of Lagos State and bring greater development because he is the chosen one, he advised the people of the state to give him a second term in office, is the governor a member of PDP? Ayodele is just a prophet of God that says what God tells him, without fear or favouritism. He has said that Nigerians will not enjoy the regime of President Buhari because  it will bring suffering,hunger and hardship ,he prophesied the his second regime will be worse than the first, it happened exactly like that because Nigeria just entered into another recession that is worse than the first one we experienced.He said that insecurity will be very high in the country because Boko Haram is being sponsored by people in the Army and the government,he advised Buhari to change his service chiefs if he wants a change.He said that the situation in Nigeria will be so bad that the international communities will interfere with Buhari's government ,Nigeria is currently the third most terrorised nation in the world,everything he said has happened 

In his recent prophecies, the cleric has warned Bola Tinubu, " the Jagaban" not to contest 2023 presidential election because he is seeing conspiracy from the Northerners.He is advising Tinubu not to waste his resources in the course of fighting for presidential election because he will be disgraced. He also hinted that the Igbo tribe will be disappointed because they will not be given the mantle to rule this nation in the year 2023.God does not come down to speak to people these days, he uses his servants to convey his messages;everyone knows that Ayodele operates in a very high spiritual realm,he is indeed a great seer,that is why his prophecies always get fulfilled.

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