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VGN Becomes One As Jahun Unites Agrieved Members

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…As Jahun Charges all for Unity

The aggrieved members of Vigilante Group of Nigeria has finally agreed to resolve issues and unite together to forge ahead for the success of the group.

The meeting came up on Thursday afternoon at Ogun state command office at Abeokuta, capital of Ogun state when some faithful followers of Late Ali Sokoto who was the former leader of the group and the followers of the present Commander General, Mahammad Jahun came together in agreement with the judgement delivered by court which pronounced CG Mohammad Jahun as the overall Commander of the group in Nigeria.

VGN is known as a voluntary security outfit awaiting the ascent of President Mahammadu Buhari on the bill presently at the house of Assembly to perform their civic duty as one of the security agencies in Nigeria.

The Commander General of Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Dr. Usman Jahun in his telephone message to the reunion charged them to live in unity to be able to achieve the expected goal.

“Am happy to hear that you are having this kind of meeting among yourselves and there is nothing in life that will succeed without unity, united we atand, divided we fall, if we fall, the boys that we are leading will not forgive us. I believe this is the beginning of a new era in the Vigilante Group of Nigeria.

What we are after is to witness the success because we have suffered much, because of these strife, a lot of people lost their lives, many were wounded, many are without hands and legs, some are blind, some have become orphans and widows, all because of Vigilante Group of Nigeria”

“Why the fight? why the struggle? Why the leadership tussle? The most important thing is for all of us to come together, let us come together, fight together and win together with one common spirit, the spirit of VGN, spirit of our people at heart, spirit of Nigeria at heart, with these we can achieve our goals” Jahun concluded.

Olusola Jimoh Olawale, the south west commander under the leadership of Mohammed Jahun in his submission welcomed the members under Ali Sokoto who has agreed to join force with Jahun and move VGN forward.

“If not because of COVID-19, we should have done this for long because Commander Adedoyin have explained this to me for long and I found out that this person Enitan, he is talking to me about has that charisma to carry all his members along with him to Jahun.

“This ACG Enitan Emmanuel is a person we have known for a long time. He is a man of his words, he never tell lies”

“He has seen the future that is why he is confident about what happened here today, he has been on this matter sin July last year. For him to be steadfast on our coming together, he really meant it because if we refuse to come together, we are going no where”

“The more reason why government don’t take us serious is because of the faction, am happy that this is happening in my zone as the southwest commander.

With our coming together, it will make government to take us serious, soonest the bill will be signed by the grace of God”

“We have the ability to really face the problem of security in Nigeria, but we are not together, we need unity and we have started from the southwest. We will take it up there to let them know that without unity nobody will take us serious”

“The bill has already passed through the house of assembly it only remain the ascent of Mr. President. Surely when president is advised that we are now one, he will sign the bill”

“For our people, we need patience to move forward, you may feel to be pushed but don’t allow it, let’s just be patients for things to work out. If you have served the organisation off many years, asking yourself what is your gain, you may want to opt out but be patient is the key, take your job serious and don’t let money be the defacto” said Olawale.

Ali Sokoto group was led by ACG Emmanuel Enitan who is the Assistant Commander General for Western zone, the National programme coordinator (Training and Workshops) under Ali Sokoto, in his message he said “it is a natural thing especially when judiciary has delivered their judgement, nobody can go against that but even before the judgement was delivered, I have always been an advocate of restructuring VGN to reflect the geopolitical zone and intelligent required to carry out this security job”
Regarding repository of personnel within the organization, Enitan said “position is flexible, what is permanent is your rank, I have faced Boko Haram in the North East when am not even the zonal commander for that zone, as an officer you can be deployed anywhere, its your productivity that matters.

In the organization, we need more commitment, there is room for improvement especially on the educational side. If eventually the bill is been signed, government will use civil service and military service regulations to employ so I will advise that they should increase their educational level”

When asked of the membership of Sodiyan in Ali Sokoto group, ACG Enitan affirmed that Sodiyan is not a member of Ali Sokoto group, he is known as a fallen angel.

Nureni Adedoyin, the Ogun State Commander of VGN submitted this;
“Am highly delighted and thankful to God because it is facilitated by God, not man. Am also grateful to all who in their wisdom see it necessary that we all should be under the umbrella of one leader, CG Usman Jahun. Its a good start that will foster unity, progress and tranquility among us in VGN. Anybody believing that he is in Ali Sokoto faction is deceiving himself because the court has made it clear that no one should claim to operate under Ali Sokoto again”

“We should come together now to uplift VGN in Ogun, Southwest and in the country in general. I should alay the fear of all about the positioning as we have come together as one, my CG is a man of wisdom, he will not demote anybody as we are coming together, we have many offices yet to be occupied in VGN, positioning will not be a problem”

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