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According to a report by an eye witness who secretly recorded when people are lifting a LASTMA officer that was beaten to coma by some police officers yesterday at Apapa, Lagos.

The report had it that a senior officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) was attacked by some police officers led by SP Femi in Apapa.
According to the eye witness, it was learned that the LASTMA officer was talking with one Supo Femi and suddenly the LASTMA officer was hit by the Supo Femi and other police officers up to six joined to beat him to a comma.

The eye witness said he asked people around what happened between them and he was told that the LASTMA officers were interrupted when performing their duty at Eleganza Round About of Warehouse Road by Trebor junction of Creek and Liverpool Road, then a Senior Officer among the LASTMA officers went to the SP Femi to inquire what happened and he was beaten up.
The eye witness said the Police held on the other LASTMA officer who was recording the incident and seized his phone which made him to secretly record the incident because they knew that what they did was wrong to have beaten the officer in uniform, some passers-by complained of the SP Femi in aiding and abetting lawlessness among the trailer drivers which made the LASTMA job difficult. 

The question is, when will police officers stop the harassment of other uniform men on the road, the people who are to be law-keepers are lawbreakers. it could be recalled that countless of such incidents have occurred in the past about police brutality on other uniform men on the road most especially LASTMA officers even the LASTMA officer that was stoned to death by some trailer drivers in Apapa without police officers coming to rescue him still fresh in people's memory.

Police officers and other law enforcement officers on the road are to work hand in hand without confrontation and if there is any, they should find a common ground to settle amicably not disgracing and humiliating each other.

This attack has to stop so that they don't lose the respect and integrity of the uniform.

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  1. Hello.
    That SP Femi of a boy (because he is really a boy if you know his age), I've seen ALOT of SP Femi excesses because I work in Apapa area; Femi takes pleasure in breaking windscreen/shield of articulated vehicles/trucks/cars immediately he realizes that you are taking the normally route instead of "his route" where you MUST part with huge amount of money before you can move in your trucks. SP Femi CANNOT deny that he doesn't make million of money anytime he decide to come to APAPA "to work" (to take bribes). That is what he is out to do, moving around with heavily armed and masked police officers to intimated innocent citizens to part with their hard earned money; as SP Femi is he can't swear by the Holy Book or Ogun or Sango that he doesn't come out simply to take bribes instead of easing traffic on the route...he decides when vehicles moves in APAPA because he ALWAYS locks down the normal routes and ONLY opens his route for vehicles that are ready to part with money to past through and he even has priorities trailers that he MUST pass because those ones have given him heavy bribes. Do blame him? He will want to settle those above him like Opeifa so that he wont be removed from that position! They should just redeploy back to Boko Haram territory where he claimed he came from that earned him the stupid stick he carried around woven in animal skin.
    In short, SP Femi excesses is extremely to excess. To worsen the matter, he doesn't allow other task force team of FRSC & LASTMA to do their jobs. I think it's high time the Navy and Co. are returned back to APAPA and SP Femi and his team of beast be withdrawn from there.
    He has to be severely punished fro all his excesses and for even engineering the summon of another officer to Abuja who might loose his job...thanks to this same SP Femi.
    He is also extremely very very rude to people older than him all because they kit him with my tax payer's money!
    My God and the God of all the people he has cheated will surely judge him and his generation.