I Killed Her For Refusing To Give Me Sex- Man Tells Police - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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I Killed Her For Refusing To Give Me Sex- Man Tells Police

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A man has been caught by the police Ajijola Mutu, who was arrested in Ketu Kosofe area of Lagos State, for allegedly strangling and stabbing their maid Abigal to death and said he regretted his action, which was due to her refusal to have sexual intercourse with him.

Mutiu, aged 25 who further explained to to interrogators that the deceased did nothing to him and that he just wanted to have a short fantasy with her but she declined and was very upset because she was just a maid.which made him strangle and  stabbed her to death, however, changed his story while he was being paraded by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Zubairu Muazu, yesterday at the State Criminal Investigating Department (SCID) Panti.

He was said to be a native of Oyo state and graduate of obafemi awolowo university, stabs their maid multiple times in their home.

Speaking to reporters he said “While answering questions from journalists, mutiu said: “I came back from school on a evening my mom and dad are not yet back and my siblings are boarding house pupil, have liked our maid and wanted to have sex with her for a very long time and when I got back she helped me with my luggage into my room.

Immediately I made my intentions known to her which she declined and that made me very angry why a girl of her status will decline my advances.

I was so pissed off and when she was leaving my front I drew her back forced her to my bed but she was a very strong lady she wrestled with me but I overpowered her, then strangled before stabbing.

It was never my intention to kill her but I never knew what came over me. I do regret my action and pleads for mercy.

The police says he going to be prosecuted and charged to court soon.

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