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Suppression To Snake Bites When Hospital Is Not Nearby

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Some weeks ago, One of my cousins living in Isiala Ngwa North was bitten by snake. According to his dad, the boy never told anyone.
Toward the evening, they started noticing some changes on the boy. After a while, he told his parents what's up.

The parents mixed concussion of traditional medicine called Gbomgbombise (pardon me for not spelling well) and other things. After taking it, they thought it will work.

After a while the boy started loosing consciousness, then the parents decided to take him to Abia State General hospital in Aba.

Unfortunately for them, go slow was too much and held them for so long in Osisioma, another go slow held them at Okigwe road by then, he has lost consciousness. When they finally got to hospital, they were told no doctor was around, Nurses claim they tried their best but at the end the boy died.

My question now is this,What medicine (Whether traditional or not) could be be administered into someone who has been bitten by any kind of snake to slow down the reaction or even quench it in case Hospital is far away ?

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