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5 Unusual Ways to Survive in Lagos

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There is a common saying that anyone who makes it in Lagos can make it anywhere in the world. Lagos is the busiest city and main commercial center of the country. Survival in Lagos is an arduous task, so below are five unusual ways to survive in Lagos that you should know and put to practice.

Source: ng.boell.org


Mind your Business

Living in Lagos is very stressful and most people living in the Lagos are fervently tensed so it is best for you not to get anybody angry in such state of mind and to do that never interfere in a quarrel or fight that does not concern you.


Don’t Loiter at Night

Commonly at night, isolated areas are a good scene for a crime and anyone can take advantage of it.  Phones, laptops, cars and other valuable things do get snatched in such places whether day or night, so don’t loiter in isolated areas at night.

Source: vanguardngr.com


Mind the Way you Socialise

Be cautious of people you mingle with because in a busy city like Lagos you basically don’t know the intents of people. Keeping your friends close and your enemies’ closer is a great motto to live by in Lagos that helps.


Multiple Brooks of Income

You have to involve yourself in multiple brooks of income in a city like Lagos because you need to plan yourself because multiple brooks of income are the best way to survive.

Source: legit.ng


Be Mentally Prepared

If you want to live or you are already living in Lagos, you need to be sharp and psychologically prepared to survive the hurdles in the city, because there are people with diverse backgrounds in Lagos, especially bus conductors.

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