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Exclusive Interview with Adewusi Fatai Founder, PFA and Friends foundation on Free JAMB Program for Students

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Interviewer: Good afternoon, Prince Adewusi Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. There has been a lot of speculation about your position on the free JAMB program for students in Yewa land. Can you clarify your stance on this issue?

Adewusi: Good afternoon. Thank you for having me. I am happy to address this issue.

Interviewer: There have been reports that you are in support of the free JAMB program for students in Yewa land. Is this true?

Adewusi: Yes, that is correct. I am a strong advocate for providing financial aid morale support for students. This is because I am not only a teacher's son, I strongly believe that education opens you up to an ample of opportunities in life. Education is a fundamental right, and we must ensure that financial constraints do not hinder students from pursuing higher education.

Interviewer: What are the reasons behind your support for this initiative?

Adewusi: The primary reason is to promote equal opportunities in education. Many talented and deserving students are unable to afford the cost of JAMB registration, which serves as a barrier to their academic advancement. By offering free JAMB registration, we can level the playing field and enable all students to access higher education based on merit rather than financial capacity.

Interviewer: How do you propose implementing this program?

Adewusi: That’s where myself and PFA & Friends Foundation work closely to allocate sufficient funds for covering the JAMB registration fees of students. Additionally, partnerships with private organizations and philanthropic individuals can also contribute to the success of this initiative.

Interviewer: Some critics argue that providing free JAMB registration may lead to an influx of unprepared or unserious candidates taking the exam. What is your response to this concern?

Adewusi: I understand the concern, but it is essential to emphasize that providing free JAMB registration does not compromise the integrity of the examination. The focus should be on ensuring that all students, regardless of their financial background, have an opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities through fair and transparent assessment processes.

Interviewer: We learnt that you’re outside the country but how are you been able to reach out to those pupils?

Adewusi: Yes you’re right. But I want you to know that I’m not around physically, but I have capable people who are helping me out. Basically I will give kudos to my people who are in charge of it, I will start from Baale Oko Ilu, Yinusa Babatunde, Bolu Salako and BODMAS. Just so we get things right, we have our erudite Dr Seun Abati (PhD) guiding the whole process. In Yewaland today, I make bold to say that you cannot constitute any better team than this for the size of our outreach.  We have seasoned educationists there, we have representative from the student/youth constituency and we have those who understand the local factors of Yewaland too. Those people are the brains behind it all. 

In conclusion, Mr. Adewusi expressed his strong support for providing free JAMB registration for students as a means of promoting equal opportunities in education and removing financial barriers to higher learning. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and private entities to implement this initiative successfully.

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