Abba Yusuf seeks Dangote’s support to build hospital for sickle cell patients in Kano - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Abba Yusuf seeks Dangote’s support to build hospital for sickle cell patients in Kano

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 Abba Yusuf, governor of Kano, has solicited the support of Alike Dangote, president of Dangote group, to build hospital for sickle cell patients in the state.

Yusuf spoke on Friday when he received Dangote at the government house in Kano.


He also asked billionaire businessman to assist in the establishment of an independent power plant in Kano to restore industries and strengthen the economic potential of the state.


The governor urged Dangote to finish all projects initiated by his foundation, adding that the state needs support in the construction of modern roads, housing, community and human capital development.

“I am using the opportunity to solicit and appeal for alot from him to the people of the state,” the governor said.


“I want to make passionate appeal to you to extend your hands of assistance by completing the gigantic projects initiated by your foundation which include Accident and Emergency ward, Surgical and Theatre complex and maternity/ Pediatric building all in Murtala Muhamnad Specialists Hospital.”


On his part, Dangote promised to support  social policies and human development initiative of the Kano government.


Dangote said he would also look at the area of education, health care and empowerment of less privileged people in the state.


“We are here first of all to congratulate you on your victory at the supreme court,” he said.


“I want to assure you of our support throughout your administration, maybe not only four years but eight years.


“Kano is home even though the MC address me as the richest black man but you can address me as Kano indigene.


 “I am your subject and you can always call on me for cooperation to see how do we develop Kano.


“And going forward, we really need to see how we can develop areas of health, education, empowerment, how do we assist the government because government cannot do it alone.


“I want to assure you that we would continue to support you not because I am from Kano but because I know your intentions are good.


“You have the mandate of the people and I know that it is very difficult for any human being to clap with the two hands now. For now you will be the right hand, and we would be your left hand, together we shall clap.


“So be rest assured that we would support you and support your administration and we want to tell you that we would continue to pray for your success because your success is ours.


“I am sorry for coming this late because I supposed to have been hear before now but I am being traveling alot.


“Not that we took the government for granted because I really want to have enough time to come and tell you that we believe in your administration and we are ready to support you.”

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