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Supreme Court Judgement: You're no longer Labour Party Chairman, Stop misleading the public, Apapa tells Abure

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........'Once an order is made, it remains in force until set aside by the same court or set aside by superior court'


The Attention of Lamidi Apapa led National Working Committee of Labour party has been drawn to statements credited Julius Abure a thoroughly demystified political lilliputians and domicile puppets who having failed to attend Law school in order to understand the rudiments of law committed a legal rascality and malfeasance through pejury and forgery of a supreme Court CTC that he claimed has settled Labour party leadership in his favour via a press statements made on January 1st 2024

According to the statement signed by Dr Abayomi Arabambi (FBAU), National Publicity Secretary on 
January 3rd 2024, Said Labour party wouldn't have dignified this beer parlour publication lace with deliberate falsehood or considered it necessary to react to such an epistle of deliberate judicial rascality, criminal conspiracy,distortion,personal bitterness ,ignorance and complete unintelligent outburst from the mentally derailed Edo born non certified lawyer , Political traders , Buccaneers, Scavengers , emergency democrats, political predators , political misfits and pedestrian politician ,but for the benefit of the few in the public who may innocently be mis informed by this ethically rusty and morally depraved social misfit and public miscreants.

"Just like in some political parties In Nigeria, there are those who rush to adorn the toga of contenders but in reality are mere pretenders who are time and moment away from being exposed."

"He has continued to pretend and mislead unsuspecting members of Labour party and the public with his intellectual sophistry and claims of been the National Chairman which is already dead and buried with the supreme Court judgement in suit nos SC/CV/845/2023 and SC/CV/842/2023 delivered on 11 day of September 2023 by their lordship:

3 Hon Justice ADAMU JAURO

Copies of the said judgement are attached here for ease of reference as annexure A below 

With the Statements above , we challenge the charge and bail Lawyer to cite the supreme Court suit number and the Name of the justices of supreme Court that Affirmed his faction as the Authentic leadership of Labour party .

ABURE Julius was also criminally indicted by the Inspector General of Police INVESTIGATION REPORTS with reference number CB: 4099/×/FHQ/ABJ/SEB/T.11/VOL1/227 where a PRIMA FACIE CASE OF CONSPIRACY, PEJURY AND FORGERY WAS ESTABLISHED AGAINST HIM.

 The police confirmed that the letter of withdrawal submitted by ABURE was forged 

copies of the police investigation reports are also attached as annexure B below 

Labour party posited  by this publication that Julius Abure must  publish the police report that vindicated him else he  should submit himself to police  prosecution and apologize to Nigerians for being one of the worst addition to legal race and conclusively the black cat of the Abure  Dynasty

Labour Party wishes to state clearly that every Nigeria citizen enjoys certain fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(as amended). 

Sections 33 of the Constitution provides for the right to life while section 34 provides for the right to dignity of the human person.

 These rights are further protected under the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights which Nigeria ratified and domesticated in 1983. 

These rights ensured that nobody including institutions have the power to take the life of another and/or subject another to any form of inhuman and degrading treatment. 

The  murderous attempt by Julius Abure and former President of Nigeria Bar Association Mr Olumide Akpata paid political hired assassins to  snuff  life out of Comrade Anslem Eragbe is in violation of sections 33 abd 34 of the Constitution and Articles 2 and 3 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights.

Nigerians  may wish to recall that on the 5/4/2024, the FCT High Court restrained Julius Abure, Clement Ojukwu and 2 others from parading themselves as National Officers of the party. 

The order was subsequently extended pending the determination of the appeal filed by the criminal charge and bail lawyer .Mr Julius Abure and his co-defendants in the matter wherein a Notice of Appeal and Motion for Stay of Proceedings (not motion for stay of execution) was filed by them at the court of Appeal Abuja

The appeal is now pending before the Court of Appeal for determination.

It is submitted with respect that the order of the FCT high Court subsist and remains in force until set aside by the court of appeal. As things stand, that appeal has not been heard.

Order 43 rule 3 sub rule 2 does not apply because the court extended the lifespan of the order pending the hearing and determination of the appeal filed by them.

 In any event, assuming without conceding that the order was not extended, it does not lie in the mouth of a party to say an order of the court has expired. 

Once an order is made, it remains in force until set aside by the same court or set aside by a superior court. 

The argument of Abure in this regard, is to say the least,idiotic , juvenile and lame. It is further made worse by the fact that he is someone that purport himself to be a lawyer which is in doubt now  and does not know this elementary principle of law. What  a shame? 

Labour party sympathizes with the immediate family of Julius Abure , because is now obvious that he is suffering from acute depression and dementia that has developed into bipolar disorder due to lack of early care 

Labour party urges the Nigeria Medical Association to urgently comes into his rescue to evaluate his mental state of health before he becomes so dangerous to constitutes a compound nuisance to the General public.

We are also pleading with the Nigerian Bar Association to launched an investigation into Julius Abure Call -to- Bar -Certificate as it's obvious his conduct depict a ROAD SIDE CHARGE AND BAIL  TRAINED LAWYER 

Finally we want to refers restrained former National Chairman Baby Boy Julius Abure to : 
SUNDAY & ORS v. MBATA & ORS (2022) LPELR -58621(CA), MOBIL OIL NIG. LTD V. ASSAN (1995) 8 NWLR (PT.412)129 where it was stated that:

An order of a court of competent jurisdiction once made remains valid and subsisting. It cannot expire on its own. It can only be vacated by the same court that granted it or set aside on appeal by a superior court.

In conclusion ALH Bashiru Lamidi Apapa therefore is the only recognized National Chairman of Labour party since we have since conducted a political burial interment for him and his criminal groups  at  NIGERIA POLITICAL CEMETERY ABUJA

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