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Several OAU students injured as gas explosion spreads to off-campus hostel

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At least seven students of the Obafemi Awolowo University  (OAU) sustained injuries of varying degrees after a gas explosion affected an off-campus hostel.


Poplat, a fuel station located in the Lagere area of OAU’s host community in Ile-Ife, Osun state, suffered an explosion on January 9.


Sources in the university community said the explosion was triggered by a leaking gas container in the fuel station.


Early reports said the explosion occurred with a loud bang at around 5 pm, initially leading to panic across the town.


The fire had spread to a nearby student hostel before the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Osun State Fire Service intervened.


Abbas Ojo, president of the OAU student union government, said the hostel, which is also owned by the management of the Poplat fuel station, houses up to 95 percent of the university’s off-campus community.


About 11 rooms were affected in total, three were severely burnt, and one was completely damaged.

Adeolu Odedire, director of OAU’s student affairs department, said between seven to 10 students sustained injuries of varying degrees.



“It is not a hostel managed by the university. We were not in any partnership with the owner of the hostel who also happens to own the fuel station where the gas explosion took place. The whole construction there was questionable,” Odedire said.


“There were no safety measures. You can’t have a  fuel station, put a gas plant behind, and then have hostel construction in the next available space. It’s a new place.


“We were even surprised that a hostel had cropped up there when the whole thing happened.


“Notwithstanding, we’re trying to see how we can work out some compensation for the students from insurance. No student was badly affected. No deaths occurred. But some sustained injuries.”


Ojo, in a statement, said student leaders are in talks with Ogundoyin Popoola, the proprietor of the gas plant.


He said the union is seeking an immediate removal of the gas plant in all Popoola’s filling stations in Ife.


Ojo said fixing of the affected rooms and full compensation for completely burned rooms are also in the pipeline.


The SUG president also said the union is pushing for the provision of accommodation for affected students and refund or quick repairs for those with running rents.


 “Additionally, medical bills are to be covered, and renovations are to commence on habitable rooms,” Ojo added.


“An integrity test on the hostel was requested before students are returned to the hostel.


“This will allow us to ascertain if the hostel is still habitable and still has the strength to accommodate that number of students.”


Ojo, as of the time of filing this report, affirmed that Popoola has agreed to all demands and work is already in progress.

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