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Ogun Banker Admits To Faking Kidnapping Over N1.2m Debt

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In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Olumide Openaike, a staff member of a Microfinance bank in Kemta Oloko, Abeokuta, confessed to faking his own kidnapping to evade a debt of over N1.2 million. 

Contrary to earlier reports, Olumide, who was declared missing on January 17, was later found in Mokwa, Niger State.

His disappearance initially led to concern, with his wife, Temitope, raising the alarm about his alleged kidnapping. 

However, it was later revealed that Olumide had left home due to mounting financial issues, failing to inform his family.

In a police confession, Olumide explained, “I did not plan to fake my kidnap, but the circumstance of life made me leave home without informing my wife. I left due to debts incurred at work, and thoughts of suicide crossed my mind.”

As news of his supposed kidnapping spread online, Olumide decided to maintain the ruse, informing his wife that he had been abducted but was released and on his way home. 

The story included claims of being in Mokwa and handing his phone to a police officer, which he now admits were fabricated.

Clarifying the motive behind his actions, Olumide revealed, “My financial constraint was debt. I was using debts to clear debts, and it was compiling. 

“The debt, as of now, is N850,000, but when the case started, it was N1.2 million.”

Olumide is expected to face legal consequences for his actions, which have now brought attention to both his personal struggles and financial difficulties.

His words : “I was not kidnapped; I did not plan to fake my kidnapping. However, life circumstances led me to leave home without informing my wife.

“I left home for several days due to debts incurred at my workplace, and the overwhelming thoughts of suicide stemmed from my financial struggles. On Tuesday, I discovered that news of my supposed disappearance had gone viral on various social media platforms.

“Feeling unable to return home without a plan, I called my wife and fabricated a story about being kidnapped, stating that I had been released and would be returning that night.

“ I left home initially because of suicidal thoughts, fearing the consequences for my family if I took such a drastic step.

“While I intended to come back home, the situation escalated as news spread, and I refrained from demanding any ransom upon my return. 

“Claims such as being in Mokwa and handing the phone to a policeman were fabricated.”

—Platform Times 


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