Jubilation as Isiaka distributes food paliatives to Ifo/Ewekoro federal constituency - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Jubilation as Isiaka distributes food paliatives to Ifo/Ewekoro federal constituency

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There was a wild jubilation today following the distribution of food palliatives by Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Ayokunle ISIAKA, Federal House of Representative Member representing the great people of Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency today 6th of January 2024. 

The distribution program for food palliatives donated was by the federal government of Nigeria aiming at providing relief to his constituents amidst the challenges to support the people's livelihood across the country.  

The distribution event took place at the Ifo/Ewekoro Federal Constituency office in Ifo where Rt. Hon. Isiaka was represented by his senior legislative aide Chief. Hon. Folarin Waheed and also accompanied by officials and representatives from the federal ministry of Agriculture, The duo executive chairman of Ifo and Ewekoro respectively. 

The food palliatives, consisting of essential food items including rice and beans, were distributed to the various stakeholder groups across the federal constituency which includes; the Zonal Community Development Committee Ifo and Ewekoro, Baales, Chief in Council, Muslim community, Christian community, market men and women, non indigene community(Igbo, hausa, Igede, Egun) Youth groups (youth council, youth congress, youth in community), 21 wards of the federal constituency.

In his address to the stakeholders beneficiaries present, Rt. Hon. Isiaka emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation in overcoming the challenges faced by the nation. He also thanked the federal government of Nigeria led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the timely intervention and assured his constituents that their voices were being heard and represented at the highest levels of government.

The distribution program was carried out in an orderly and transparent manner, with the beneficiaries being identified through a well-coordinated process. This ensured that the food palliatives reached those who needed them the most, while also preventing any instances of misappropriation.

In conclusion, the food palliative distribution program has made a significant impact on the lives of the constituents, providing much-needed relief during these trying times. The event showcased the commitment of the federal government, as well as the dedication of Rt. Hon. Isiaka, to ensuring that the needs of the people are met and that the nation continues to move forward with renewed hope.

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