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Culture minister unveils 8-point plan, says creative economy could spur development

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Hannatu Musawa, the minister of art, culture and creative economy, has unveiled an 8-point plan geared towards growth in Nigeria’s creative economy.


Speaking on Monday at the Art & Tech district in Abuja, Musawa said the 8-point plan, tagged ‘Destination 2030’ will actualise her vision of transforming Nigeria into Africa’s creative, cultural and entertainment capital.


The minister said she will establish a creative economy advisory council with an aim to support the ministry with “high-level strategic support”.


“A strong creative and cultural economy is a key driver of growth and presents an opportunity to accelerate Nigeria’s development on a local and a global stage,” she said.

 “The creative economy is an economy of ideas, an economy of innovation, and an economy of invention in the digital age.


“Our ambition is to elevate the Nigerian industries, comprising art, culture and creative industries to rank among the top 20 globally in terms of GDP contribution, wealth creation, employment, and poverty reduction in line with the agenda 2050.


“Through innovative strategies, technological integration, and enhanced market access, our target is to increase the value of sectoral outputs by 50%,  in line with the 2021 to 2025 national development plan.”


She added that part of the plan will also see to the preservation and sustainability of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.


“Under the renewed hope agenda of the presidency, we will provide the tools needed to accelerate growth across all creative economy sectors,” she said.

“We will deliver job opportunities and foster foreign partnerships and local collaborations that proudly exhibit our rich and unique national identity on a local and global stage, and we will elevate our nation’s economic standing.


“We have multiple initiatives and projects planned such as creative hubs, a Nigeria cultural expo, a national entertainment centre, a national art gallery, innovative publishing partnerships and a gaming sandbox project.


 “We are building a global standard film festival, a culinary academy led by a Michelin star chef and a fashion foundry.”


Musawa said she would also see to the retrieval of stolen national artefacts from abroad.

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