‘Try it, go to jail’ — Wike warns politicians against flouting Rivers laws on party activities - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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‘Try it, go to jail’ — Wike warns politicians against flouting Rivers laws on party activities

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Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers, has warned political parties against flouting the state’s laws, saying places such as public schools are not to be used for rallies without approval.


He said this on Wednesday during the inauguration of the Ahoada-Omoku dual carriageway.

Wike had, in November, approved executive orders restricting the use of public buildings and residential areas for political activities, without government approval.


Speaking at the project inauguration on Wednesday, Wike said carrying out political activities in restricted areas without approval carries the risk of imprisonment.

 “I said it clearly. I didn’t say that nobody should use primary or secondary schools for campaigns. All I have said is if you want to use primary, secondary schools for your campaigns, you deposit money,” he said.


“So that when you dirty the school or spoil anything in the school, government will use that money to repair those things you spoilt and clean up the school.


“And there are those who say they cannot and I said ‘you can; if not, you will not do it’. If you do it, you know where you will be.

 “Some people put their campaign offices where people are living. Somebody is coming back to his house, he cannot enter his house. Why? Because they are holding political meetings.


“We say ‘no’; this thing has to be regulated. Let it be non-residential areas. They say they will not; I say you will. If you try it by force, you will go to jail.


“You must seek approval. If you don’t seek approval, you will be made to face the wrath of the law. Nobody can dare it.”


The Rivers governor also said the achievements of his administration are enough to convince the people to support the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.


 “Our own campaign is to do work. When you are talking about vote buying, this is the vote buying. We are using the work for the people to support us,” Wike said.

“So, people should not bother themselves thinking people are going to carry money. See our own here.


“We have used the Ahoada dualisation; we have used Ekpena road; we have used the university campus; we have used Ozochi road. What will they come and tell you again?”

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