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Pelican Valley Holds Tutorial On Easy Budgeting For Real Estate

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The CEO of the  Pelican Valley Estates Dr, Babatunde Adeyemo have held a free tutorial for intended real estate investors, preparing them for easy Budgeting on real estate. 

The free tutorial, tagged " Real Estate Advisory Freestyle" where the CEO makes unscripted and unedited short videos, using the backdrops of most of his mouth-watering projects. 

as a discussion of findings. 

It was an e-tutorial, and the estate guru/marshal Dr Adeyomo educated intending estate investors, simplifying the budget analysis and major key process to have easy access to a successfully developed estate within a short period. 

Dr Adeyemo emphasised projection, and land banking, adding that the majority of people don't know how pertinent projection and land banking is to real estate development while positing that it is necessary to do a land possession in Nigeria's real estate development, terrace.  

He argued that even with CofO it is pertinent to do land possession in Nigeria, stressing that without doing Land possession in Nigeria it is as good as the person doesn't have landed property. 

Dr Adeyemo added that anyone who wants to build a house in the next four years should secure land now, noting that land appreciates every year. 

"If you buy land at the rate of 3 million naira in 2022 in the next three yearsyouc an't buy it for less than 5 million naira and in most cases, you can even buy it at10millionn  naira". 

"So, if you are projecting to build a house in the next two to three years, the best time to buy the land is now, ".he said 

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