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Primate Ayodele’s Fulfilled Prophecies On Twitter, Death Of Lagos Assembly Member

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The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele is a living proof that God still speaks to his prophet in this dispensation. His prophecies have shown that even in a corrupt world, there are men who have dedicated their lives to holiness.

Anywhere Primate Ayodele is mentioned today, what comes to mind is PROPHECY, his name alone is synonymous to the prophetic ministry because hardly a day goes without him making a prophetic statement or revelation, it’s his lifestyle.

It is no more news that Primate Ayodele has more than 10,000 prophecies that have been fulfilled since he began ministry yet the numbers keep adding up at every hour of the day. God has made him continually grow from strength to strength in the prophetic ministry.

Among his recently fulfilled prophecies is the change of Twitter’s management and massive lay-off of some staffers. Before Twitter was to Elon Musk, Primate Ayodele had in prophecies for 2022 which was released on December 22, 2021, revealed that he foresees changes in the management board of Twitter, this was at a time when there was no discussion regarding the sale of twitter. Fast forward to April 2022, the prophecy came to pass and the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk began till October 2022 when it was finally concluded.

Again on his tiktok account some months ago, Primate Ayodele noted that the people (staffers) and management at twitter will be changed. In the past few weeks, it’s been over the news how Elon Musk laid-off staffers at the foremost organization, some resigned due to the management crisis, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy. This is a proof that God is involved in every area of man’s life and technology is not left out.

Also, sad news hit the Lagos state house of assembly when Hon Sobur Olawale, the representative of Mushin Constituency II slumped and died after attending the presidential campaign flag-off of the APC in Jos.

In his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations, Primate Ayodele warned speakers of the state house of assembly to rebuke death of honourable members as he foresees dangers. Unfortunately, the prophecy has been fulfilled in the Lagos house of assembly and this is also a warning to other speakers to take note of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy concerning states house of assembly

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