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Russia Vs Ukraine: Primate Ayodele’s Warnings To President Putin Still Coming To Pass

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When Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, many had thought that would be the end of Ukraine especially when President Vladimir Putin seized major cities in Ukraine. Several people advised President Zelensky of Ukraine to concede and accept Putin’s terms because obviously, Ukraine doesn’t have what it takes to continue the war with Russia.

In the midst of the calls to concede, one voice that gave President Zelensky confidence was that of Primate Elijah Ayodele, a popular Nigerian prophet who was referenced for foretelling the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in his 2022 prophecies which was released in December 2021.

Russia and Ukraine had been in crisis with each other for a while but Putin never said he would be attacking the country even when asked by other world leaders. He hid the plans within him but God who knows the mind of all creatures gave the revelation to His prophet and surprisingly a few weeks after, Russia invaded Ukraine as the man of God revealed.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Primate Ayodele spoke some days after that President Putin would be punished by God if he didn't stop the war. He mentioned that there will be an assassination attempt on his life if he doesn’t stop the war because he won’t be able to finish it.

These were his words

“If President Vladimir Putin doesn’t stop the war now, I foresee an assassination attempt on him before the end of your tenure. He is starting what he can’t finish, let the world leaders appease him so it won’t lead to him wasting his life. I don’t know if he will survive it or not but I see an assassination attempt,” ( As a matter of fact, Putin escaped an assassination attempt some weeks ago after an explosion rocked his vehicle.

Primate Ayodele then spoke to President Zelensky, urging him to be prayerful and courageous because God is with him in the war with Russia. He assured that God has him at heart and that he will fight his battle for him.

‘’My message to President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy of Ukraine is to remain prayerful and focused. He should leave all these distractions, though it’s a tough time he should move closer to God. God has him at heart and all he needs to do is move closer to him, he will fight his battle for him’’ (

Sincerely, when Primate Ayodele said these words to President Zelenskyy, it didn’t make so much sense because many would never believe that Ukraine would stand up strong against Russia but with what is happening now, it’s safe to say Ukraine is God’s own country considering the losses the Russian troops have suffered in recent times.

Earlier today, news reports have it that thousands of Russian soldiers have applied to surrender their weapons and declare their readiness to quit fighting against Ukraine. A hotline set up by Ukraine for Russian troops to seek advice on surrendering has been inundated with calls, a spokesman for the service has confirmed.

“We have already received more than 2,000 applications,” Vitaliy Matviyenko, spokesman for the ‘I want to Live’ hotline revealed. Both servicemen of the Russian army and their relatives who want their sons and husbands to stay alive are calling.

“Among other things, we are talking about three meals a day, medical care, and the opportunity to contact relatives. The only chance to avoid death in Ukraine is to surrender.”

Also, it was reported that Ukrainian forces have broken through Russian defences in the south of the country while expanding their rapid offensive in the east, seizing back more territory in areas annexed by Russia and threatening its troops’ supply lines.

Making their biggest breakthrough in the south since the war began, Ukrainian forces recaptured several villages in an advance along the strategic Dnipro River on Monday, Ukrainian officials and a Russian-installed leader in the area said.

Ukrainian forces in the south destroyed 31 Russian tanks and one multiple rocket launcher, the military’s southern operational command said in a nightly update, without providing details of where the fighting occurred.

These developments are totally opposite of what people expected when the war began, if troops should surrender, it definitely should be Ukraine troops but the table turned against the Russian troops. Of course, there can’t be any factual explanation of what is happening because it surpasses human comprehension, it’s indeed a mystery that could have happened with God’s help.

With Russia gradually losing out, it’s definitely not a good time for President Vladimir Putin and just as Primate Ayodele warned him, it may lead to the unexpected.

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