Why Gov. Abiodun Should Be Elected For A Second Term — By APC Chieftain, Oluwaseun Adebowale MaticoSF - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Why Gov. Abiodun Should Be Elected For A Second Term — By APC Chieftain, Oluwaseun Adebowale MaticoSF

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This is the time for Ogun voters to emphasise continuity, instead of change, in order for Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun to complete existing projects and implement new ones.

As affirmed by Ouwaseun Adebowale, MaticoSF, there is no alternative to re-electing Governor Abiodun, if Ogun is to remain peaceful, progressive, and a safe haven for citizens and investors alike. Besides, there are many projects he initiated but which time has not permitted him to carry out fully, especially with regard to expanding the agriculture value chain, enhancing youth employment, and building technology infrastructure for education.

There are several strong reasons why the current governor of Ogunn State, Prince Dapo Abiodun mfr, should, and will, be re-elected to a second term in the forthcoming poll in 2023. First and foremost is the need to continue the progressive governance begun by Chief Olusegun Osoba to Otunba Justus Gbenga Daniel then to Senator Ibikunle Amosu FCA. 

Governor Abiodun took up the progressive baton in 2019 and has been running successfully and methodically with the tenets of progressive governance, which privileges the advancement of the human condition through social reforms in the economy, infrastructure, healthcare, education, social welfare, and the peaceful coexistence of citizens. The overall goal is to bring the maximum benefits to the largest number of people.

Accordingly, during the first year of his administration, Governor Abiodun sought to boost the State’s economy by establishing a policy on gold mining, which focuses on attracting revenue by eliminating illegal mining. This was followed by a well attended Economic Summit, which attracted various investors to the State. In addition, he restructured the Internally Generated Revenue Department, by hiring an experienced tax manager to head the Department.

Rather than listen to market noise about industrialisation or adopt a diffuse focus on several industrial projects at the same time, Governor Abiodun focused on gold mining, which led to the State’s partnership with a Cairo based listed gold developer. The result has been impressive. In no time, the first and only large-scale commercial wire and cables, (Coleman) in the country was established and production has begun. International Brewery was built in the interchange area of the state due to the peaceful atmosphere,  In due course, the Brewery has become a major employment generator for youths and a wealth creator for major distributors. 

While considering other visible developmental projects in the state, A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Ogun State, Hon Oluwaseun Adebowale MaticoSF has said that no amount of mudslinging and sponsored smear campaign can deter the people of state from voting in Gov Dapo Abiodun for another four years term in 2023.

Oluwaseun, revealed that those engaging in this condemnable acts are no other than those desperate politicians the residents of the state had once rejected at the poll but are hell-bent on finding relevance at all cost.

The APC stalwart while speaking to journalists at Abeokuta, the state capital explained that the growing attacks against the governor of the state were nothing but the ranting of an ant and sheer product of “politics of bitterness and pull him down”.

Oluwaseun said that the people of the state are however very wise and quite discerning and as a result could read in-between the line and found out that jealousy and politics of bitterness are the major driving forces.

The political scientist said “we are not surprising that these frivolous petitions and all sorts of unfounded stories are flying around now because they knew that the second term of Gov Abiodun is already mission accomplished. This is what the governor had achieved with his scintillating performance in the last three years.

“It is obvious that the governor has put his whole soul in the business of raising the bar of qualitative governance in the state. The governor has invested in infrastructural development, the road construction are spread across the state, critical sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture, housing, employment and empowerment for the youth and women have not been allowed to suffer.

“The dream of a Cargo and passenger airport at Ilisan Remo are becoming reality by December. Rather than all this distraction, I think what is needed now is to further support and cooperate with the governor so that he could be encouraged to do more for the people.

“I am also of the strong opinion that either those desperate politicians like it or not, God is involved, the people of the state also want it, so the second term ambition of our hardworking governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun is already a mission accomplished”.

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