I Turned Down A Good Man's Proposal Because Of His Small Préééq - Nigerian Lady, Tonia Umerah - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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I Turned Down A Good Man's Proposal Because Of His Small Préééq - Nigerian Lady, Tonia Umerah

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“When it comes to relationship or marriage, i think a kind partner is usually very HARD to forget! Your Kindness will make you to be always remembered.
Few days ago, I took my KIND ex out for a lunch date. We went to a nice restaurant, ate, drank and had a nice calm conversation.

I personally don't like mingling with an ex after breakup but this my ex is someone who is very special to me. He is a very KIND, peaceful and a lovely man who I will always remember. He was a man who showed me what true love really is! He was so supportive and caring. When I was dating him, if I ever fall sick, he would take me to his house to care for me properly, drive me to the hospital for injection, bath me, feed me, rub my belly, sing for me to sleep because I love this alot, what did he not do for me? Chaii...he is and was a good man!

I broke up with him because we were not sèxually compatible. Yes, it was a very hard decision for me to make then considering the kind of supportive man he was but I am glad I did!

He has a small diick and I didn't like that. I know it may sound crazy that i left a good man because of small diick but when it comes to marriage, our choices are VALID! I'm a woman who do not like cheating or slèèping with more than one man. The idea of marriage is sacred to me. I couldn't imagine myself getting married to a man I would have to manage his pènis for a lifetime or me having extra marital affairs. Forever is too long to manage a pènis. What is marriage without good sèx and sizable pènis? This may sound crazy but when it comes to marriage, make sure you choose what you can live forever with!

In the end, finding a husband is honestly hard(same as a wife too). You may find the one that has all the good qualities of a potential husband but he won't meet up with your sèxual preferences or you may find the one who meets your sèxual preferences but he will be very bròke, làzy, proud and always looking for a woman to borrow him money. I'm honestly tired o.”


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