'Owo Must Not Repeat Itself' — Ogun PDP Gov'ship Candidate, Segun Sowunmi Recommends Drastic Solution To FG - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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'Owo Must Not Repeat Itself' — Ogun PDP Gov'ship Candidate, Segun Sowunmi Recommends Drastic Solution To FG

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The governorship candidate of People's Democratic Party, PDP in Ogun State, Otunba Segun Sowunmi has taken his Facebook handle to recommend drastic solution to end the attack on the southwest people to Federal Government of Nigeria.

Below is his recommendations to the Federal Government which he thought will be useful in putting an end to repreaisal attack on the southwesterners in the future.

Owo Must Not Repeat itself.
Actionable Next Steps. 

1. Biometric capturing of all citizens of each of the southwestern states to a verifiable address. 
- It will allow us to know in absolutely clear terms the victims and their relatives within a very short time.
- We will know clearly if the attackers came from within or externally. 

2. Activate a protocol where every household must file an official record of visitors and occupants periodically to have clear evidence of resident movement in and out of the state. 

- Everyone must be accounted for, as such we know what type of strangers come into the state.

3. Official Statutory Roles for Bales and Local Traditional Rulers

- They must act as the first line of intelligence and information gathering within their respective areas, in that way, everyone is not throwing their hands up in the air when there is a breach of security. Someone has to be held responsible , assuredly.

4. Reworking of each state's administration of criminal justice act, to have stern consequences for such acts that may be inimical to the peace and security of the state.

5. Massive recruitment into Amotekun with better coordination and equipment support for intelligence gathering with an emphasis on search, rescue and liquidate. 

6. Eyes in the SKY. Pay for continuous low earth orbit satellites to overlook the space with continuous data processing with real-time intelligence on the movement of anything that crawls. 

- Need not be overemphasized as the era of people just moving about with arms and dangerous things must end. 

7. Community Based  Local Vigilante Reinvigorated

- We have got to the stage where we cannot sleep with our eyes close. As such, scheduled shift-guard duties must be assigned in such a way that no location can be termed a soft target as everywhere will be manned. 

8. Justification of the previously wasted security votes to now be deployed for security. 

9. A proper security summit with the best global experts to prefer actionable solutions to the security challenges in an asymmetric non-conventional war that terrorism is. 

Segun Showunmi 
Governorship Candidate 

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